Did Vivica Fox do a recent “plastic surgery makeover”

Vivica A. Fox is a well-known American actress. You can easily remember her from movies like Soul Food and Set it Off. She is also a TV producer and a beautiful woman aged 53. This actress is very talented and widely known for her role in the movie Independence Day. Fox is also known for her great fashion sense which is constantly discussed on different TV shows. Since Vivica F. is the person that has had Hollywood and fans talking about her appearance lately, this topic is about Vivica Fox plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

What are Vivica Fox’s surgeries

Plastic surgeries give a celebrity the wrong kind of fame. Probably that’s why Vivica Fox is now followed by consistent scandal.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery
Vivica Fox changes

Since Vivica F. is already 53, she is speculated to having the anti-aging plastic surgery. An actress is also making friends with the look enhancers. Vivica is speculated to have had such things as:

  • Botox for face lifting;
  • the nose job to make it look less bulbous;
  • breast job (lifting and implants);
  • lip fillers to get them better defined and plumper.

This famous actress is no stranger to going under the knife. People always notice some changes in her features. Vivica has accepted some rumors about her plastic surgeries but she has denied others. But if we pay attention to Vivica Fox before and after photos, it becomes clear that pictures confirm most of the rumors since Vivica’s beauty enhancements can be seen.

Vivica Fox breast implants (boob job)

Vivica Fox probably decided that her breasts needed to be lifted at her 50s so she made friends with the scalpel. The most recent breast augmentation has been performed has left Vivica Fox a 34 DD. The boob implants have changed her breast shape and size. But critics now say Vivica must have had an inexperienced surgeon so her chest is totally ruined now. They all say her breasts look squashed since implants were poorly fixed. Breasts now do look bigger, fuller and rounder but sometimes the hollow spaces show on her breast. In addition, Vivica Fox breast looks too big for her body.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery
Vivica Fox then and now

It is for sure better for Vivica Fox to have the boob implants fixed or removed. Even natural breasts would look better than weird and oddly placed fake boobs. Vivica has openly admitted that fact and shared her regrets too.

So lately Vivica was fixed and now she has a gorgeous look. We have to pay attention to her age to admit that she definitely has good breasts. Now top surgeons, critics and fans appreciate the look of Vivica’s boobs and are not complaining. So Vivica Fox plastic surgery on breasts is actually a good thing. The pair of outstanding breasts attract lots of attention from talent scouts and fans.

Vivica Fox nose job (Rhinoplasty)

Another Vivica A Fox plastic surgery is the nose job. She wanted to have her wide American African woman nose to get transformed for being more elegant. That perfectly chiseled nose that has a defined nose bridge is the kind of perfection lots of celebrities and simple people would want to have.

Vivica Fox nose job
Vivica Fox nose job

Like most African origin women, they have larger noses. Before the rhinoplasty, her nose was bulbous and had the lower nasal bridge. And by the way, Vivica’s nose was also large before. Vivica Fox’s current one look well done. And the nose job went well like the other facial procedures. As for our opinion, Vivica had such a wonderful individuality before rhinoplasty and the plastic surgery transformed this awesome woman to another glamorous doll.

Vivica A. Fox nose job
Vivica A. Fox nose job

Vivica Fox Botox injections and other anti-aging procedures

It is speculated that approximately 8 out of 10 celebrities use Botox as an anti-aging procedure.

Such injections give a woman more radiant and smoother skin (but only when properly done). The ease of application has shot Botox into a mainstream solution for famous actresses and singers. This is considered the easiest gateway for these cosmetic procedures.

Vivica Fox before and after plastic surgery
Vivica Fox before and after plastic surgery

So Vivica Fox faces probably needed to be rejuvenated at her 50s. There are some clear signs that Vivica has used Botox in her cheek and chin areas. Her cheeks look slightly puffy in later images and her chin seems to be reshaped. Vivica’s Botox procedures are considered success – inexperienced doctors or overindulgence didn’t destroy her face. The muscle movements seem to be unaffected and her face now is no home to wrinkles. Actress admits of having some minor Botox treatments so there are no more doubts in her friendship with surgeons.

Vivica A. Fox lip fillers

Celebrities try to rejuvenate her face also sent her for lip fillers. And they were done well as well. Vivica Fox’s lips are full and sensuous now, they auger well with the rest of her facial features and are perfectly challenging the aging process. Vivica has denied the surgery rumor about lip fillers. Actually, her natural lips are looking big and full enough so probably lipsticks of a different color play a part in creating a “thickness illusion” on some photos.

Vivica Fox lip fillers
Vivica Fox lip fillers

It’s almost impossible to find a single person among famous people that have not undergone plastic surgery. As for Vivica Fox, with her fame and beauty, it is difficult not to notice when her looks have undergone the transformation. There is no doubt that Vivica has always been a woman with a stunning beauty. Her wide and tall body frame makes her stand out among many women. But unfortunately, to her, Vivica’s image suffered a great deal after plastic surgeries because she lost a huge part of her charm and most of her natural beauty. Well, it is important for Vivica Fox to enhance her beauty to keep up with younger celebrities.

Vivica Fox new look
Vivica Fox new look

Fans of Vivica hoped she would stop messing with her natural beauty before it’s too late. So many famous women and even men resulted to botched faces of failed plastic surgeries. Vivica doesn’t have any regrets about making friends with surgeons’ knives. She stated that she’ll get as many surgeries as she feels comfortable. Civics also says she just wants to make herself feel better and look better.

You may also be interested in reading this article ⇒ “Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery”.

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