Selena Gomez plastic surgery for older looks

Selena Marie Gomez is a popular Pop singer, actress and a fashion icon for teenagers. She is also known as an ex-girlfriend of a famous Canadian Pop singer Justin Bieber, and their break up reportedly left her much damage to her ego. Selena was born on July 22nd, 1992. She is from Texas, USA. Her father is Mexican and her mother is Italian, that’s why Selena has a toned skin which is desirable by all of the girls all over the world. But this topic is about Selena Gomez plastic surgery procedures which have changed her completely.

Despite the fact that Gomez is just 25 years old, the public has already started to discuss her plastic surgeries. You probably think that it’s just rumoured, but Selena has really undergone several plastic surgeries. Before getting some changes in her appearance, Selena possessed a cute baby face that girls would kill to have. And now she looks like an adult woman who made friends with plastic surgery.

What Selena Gomez plastic surgery procedures were confirmed?

After hearing some gossips about the singer’s modifications, lots of fans couldn’t believe that such a young girl would need to improve her look surgically. Did Selena Gomez have plastic surgery? Yes, and she has already had a few of them. Some sources say that Selena is trying to find what specifically her ex-boyfriend didn’t find attractive. Since Justin Bieber broke up with her, Gomez tries to get the most perfect appearance ever. Some people say that singer wants to have a look that resembles her age.

That's how Selena Gomez looks now
That’s how Selena Gomez looks now

Only Selena knows about every plastic surgery that she has undergone. But there are some procedures that she has already confirmed so they have become a common knowledge. Those plastic surgeries include:

  • nose job (which is medically called rhinoplasty);
  • breast augmentation (something went wrong here so Selena has to undergo secondary procedure);
  • lip augmentation (this procedure has been done several times);
  • Botox injections (it’s hard to believe but Selena is already removing wrinkles on her forehead with the help of Botox).

Was Selena Gomez’s Nose job successful?

Selena Gomez has undergone nose job
Selena Gomez has undergone the nose job

The media had to wait until Selena Gomez’s fourth nose job to notice it.

If you look at Selena’s photos of her being much younger, you can clearly notice that her wide nose has changed a great deal. That is because Gomez has reduced the nostrils considerably. Selena’s new nose is better looking, thinner. The structure of her nose is now more European-like than before. No amount of dieting, exercises or weight-loss will make the nose thinner.

Selena Gomez before and after nose job
Selena Gomez before and after nose job

She has totally lost her individuality after getting this plastic surgery and now she looks like another silicon doll from Hollywood, but her nose does perfectly suit her small body and slim face.

Did Selena Gomez like her Breast augmentation?

Selena Gomez's boob job
Selena Gomez’s boob job

Selena’s earlier photos show us quite small and flat breast. And her recent braless pictures demonstrate the large, tight, round, full and juicy boobs. According to Dr. Jonathan Shifren, the difference in earlier and recent looks can only be attributed to a breast augmentation plastic surgery.

Selena Gomez before and after breast augmentation
Selena Gomez before and after breast augmentation

Since she always puffs her new boobs out, we can clearly see that she doesn’t use the push-up bra or whatever else. She is actually walking around without any bra trying to show off. Why not, since her cleavage and boobs had almost doubled in size. Gomez’s bra size and cup size have increased from a 34A before to 34DD after.

What’s wrong with Selena Gomez’s nipples?

Selena Gomez's nipples
Selena Gomez’s nipples

In some breast surgeries, the nipple shifts to an unnatural position due to movement or poor breast implant pocket. Once Gomez’s nipples were visible through a sheer fabric dress. In addition, paparazzi have used a super bright camera flash. So some people claimed they noticed there is something wrong with the position of her nipples after getting surgery. But her dress is likely not normally see-through. Because her nipples appear normal in relation to her breast.

Why would Selena Gomez need Botox injections?

Botox injections are mostly used by middle-aged people. Celebrities have confirmed that Botox is the fastest and easiest way to remove wrinkles and emotional lines. Injections make the face attractive and more refreshing. This procedure is needed for making a facial appearance more firm and smooth.

Selena Gomez is already using Botox
Selena Gomez is already using Botox

Selena’s face doesn’t show any signs of aging yet. Still, singer uses Botox to get her face look as mature as it can possibly be. However, Botox causes unexpressive face and lumpy-looking skin. If Selena is already using it then she has to be careful. Only the minimal amount of Botox is allowed for her youthful skin.

How many times did Selena Gomez get lip injections?

Those fans and critics who keenly observed Selena’s lips recently on and now can say that there is an evident difference. Her lips are a little-inclined down. When Selena was younger, her upper lip was rather thin in proportion to her face. But in her recent photos, you may notice that her upper and lower lips are the same size now.

Selena Gomez before and after lip augmentation
Selena Gomez before and after lip augmentation

In 2017 Selena went for the pouty lips look, so now her lips look even puffier than before. That means Gomez went for another session of lip fillers recently. Her lip plastic surgery could have been fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. They eventually get absorbed and need to be redone.

The final word about Selena Gomez plastic surgery

Selena Gomez then and now
Selena Gomez then and now

Selena Gomez before and after surgery looks totally different. She had a cute round face before and it looked adorable. But now her face is a puzzle made of facial parts which are considered popular among celebrities: thin and narrow nose, full and sexy lips, big and tight boobs and wrinkle-free forehead. According to some sources, Selena is going to have butt implants soon. It seems like working out and dieting take too much of her time which is needed for posting photos on Instagram.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has disappointed us completely. Millions of teenage girls take the example from her trying to enhance their look. So now they believe that plastic surgery procedures can solve any problem. When Selena will totally lose her face into surgeries, it will be too late for fans to realize what a big mistake she has done.

Selena Gomez's look
Selena Gomez’s look

Not only Selena Gomez made a decision to undergo plastic surgeries at such a young age. Her childhood friend Demi Lovato is a keen of plastic surgery procedures too ⇒ “Demi Lovato plastic surgery history: an improvement for a young star”.

Selena Gomez's new style
Selena Gomez’s new style

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