Has Sandra Bullock had plastic surgery

Sandra Bullock is a great and highly paid actress of the 20th and 21st century and is the Mountain Everest of the Hollywood actress world. She began her great career in the early 1990s. You don’t even need a hint about movies she has had roles in to remember her. There was a time when Sandra was called “American sweetie” because of her only positive roles in movies and the appearance of a kind girl. Sandra has won such notable prizes as the ultimate Academy, BFCA, SAG, and Golden Globe Awards. Sandra’s coveted leading roles were given to her for illustrious beauty. Sandra rose through the ranks from a very small time actress to one of the most highly sought after actresses. She is now 53 years old and she looks much better than some 20 y.o. actresses. That’s why her fans and top surgeons wonder if Sandra’s beauty lies in the expertise of plastic surgeons. So our topic is about Sandra Bullock plastic surgery.

Sandra Bullock cosmetic surgery rumours

In 2014 Forbes ranked Sandra Bullock the highest paid actress with an income of approximately $51 million.

Sandra Bullock cosmetic surgery
Sandra Bullock cosmetic surgery

We all know that most 53-year-old famous and simple women don’t look as young and sexy as Sandra Bullock does. It feels like for Sandra time stood still. She still gets to play the hot live interest of the lead actor at the time when the only film roles other 53 y.o. actresses can land are somebody’s mother or even granny roles. That’s why celebrity watchers, fans and top surgeons believe she made friendship with the scalpel.

All the news titles are concern about the actress getting plastic surgeries during all the career. If so we can say that she always does the right choice because Sandra is constantly looking perfect.

Reasons why Sandra Bullock might undergo plastic surgery

Fans and celebrity watchers claim Sandra might have been devastated after losing her partner R. Reynolds to another younger actress. They say Sandra succumbed to the temptation of plastic surgery in the effort to prove that she still worthy and desirable woman. But its definitely not true since Bullock didn’t go under extreme.

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery thread lift

Actress has denied claims that she has ever had any plastic procedures. She says that her well-preserved features are the result of good lifestyle, diet, sports and skincare.

Sandra Bullock then and now
Sandra Bullock then and now

Since Sandra Bullock face looks great so people suspect she had a thread lift to get rid of sagging facial skin. This procedure seems to have gone wrong for the actress there was a lump on her cheek for a quite some time. But a couple of months later this lump disappeared by itself so everything is fine now. The most important thing is that the lifting procedure helped to keep her skin free from any signs of aging.

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery facelift

The Hollywood star doesn’t agree with rumours which say that she started to pay more attention to her appearence after breakup with her lover Ryan Reynolds, who afterwards started dating with a younger actress Blake Lively.


Actually, Sandra Bullock face is fresh-looking and her forehead is wrinkle-free. Sandra’s skin looks smoother than it was earlier and pores look smaller. In addition, now her lips are definitely fuller than earlier. Fans and celebrity watchers have no doubts about some plastic surgeries she had on her face:

  • forehead lift;
  • Botox injections on the upper and lower corner of her eyes (it is obvious since her eyelids are lifted and the outer edges of eyebrows have been pulled up);
  • filler injections around the folds of the mouth (lips do look poutier now).

Some people say that Sandra’s forehead now looks “frozen” so the actress looks like a statue sometimes. But isn’t it better than having a wrinkled skin?

Sandra Bullock and nose jobs

We all know that the nose becomes bigger and more bulbous with time. But not Sandra Bullock’s nose. In addition, her nose now is narrower and has a more refined tip. If we look at Sandra Bullock nose job before and after photos we clearly see that the shape of the nose has undergone significant alteration. Earlier Sandra’s nose had a wide bridge and a big tip.

Sandra Bullock nose jobs
Sandra Bullock nose jobs

Bullock’s rhinoplasty is deemed to be one of the most successful in Hollywood. Sandra’s nose fits in with the rest of her face and looks pretty elegant. She saved the original nose contours. That tells us that the actress does appreciate her individuality and doesn’t try to look different and modern in the eyes of society. The nose wasn’t modified dramatically like the way Michael Jackson’s nose did.

Sandra Bullock maintains a good lifestyle and diet

Sandra always insists that she can maintain her perfect looks due to living a healthy lifestyle and proper dieting. She also says that her skin looks great because of the disciplined skin care regimen. But fans (probably those ones who has never tried doing sports and following the diet) say that the secret behind skin’s smooth is simple Botox. Some top cosmetologists claim that Sandra gets regular facials and mild chemical peels.

Sandra Bullock maintains a diet
Sandra Bullock maintains a diet

Though Sandra Bullock was a charming woman as the years go by she was also made to ask the help of plastic surgeons. The actress didn’t try to get anybody’s attention or convince her ex-husband and boyfriend that she was the best woman they would ever find in life. The actress never tries to chase the rainbow and doesn’t tend to make liposculpture or breast-enlarging surgery. Sandra didn’t run for fashion and didn’t try to look like Hollywood silicon dolls. It’s obvious that everyone tries to stay young as long as possible and so Sandra Bullock isn’t an exception.

Sandra Bullock doesn’t avoid diets and cosmetic procedures so she doesn’t try to save her beauty by having surgeries here and there. The star was considered to be one of the famous women with the most natural beauty. She just couldn’t avoid wrinkles and was made to make face lifting. Thanks to Botox and face lifting she bears her age well!

Sandra Bullock before and after
Sandra Bullock before and after

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