Why does Robin Mcgraw deny having plastic surgery

Robin McGraw is a well-known American speaker, actress and singer. She also made her name as an author. She has written such bestselling novels like From My Heart to Yours. Most of her books are about self-help. Most of people know her as the wife of renowned author and TV talk show host, Dr. Phil. She was born at 1953 in Texas but she still doesn’t look old, thanks to lots of plastic surgeries she has had. Robin has achieved age of 65, yet her appearance speaks to 40 y.o woman. The face of this famous woman is without a doubt a product of many plastic and cosmetic surgeries. So the topic you’re reading now is about Robin McGraw plastic surgery. By the way, she constantly denies having it. Isn’t it ridiculous?

Robin McGraw denies having plastic surgery

There are a lot of rumours about Robin McGraw’s plastic and cosmetic surgeries but the woman herself denies having any procedures done on her. She says that she buys proper creams and makes use of some natural remedies to keep herself looking fresh and pretty young. She claims she has never had any facelifts.

Robin McGraw then and now
Robin McGraw then and now

Nobody believes this statement though. We can look at Dr Phil wife before and after pictures and see that she now looks slightly different than her original look. Cosmetics just can’t change somebody’s appearance like that. It’s not about the skin looking young but also about the face’s total change. It’s simply impossible that all of these modifications were caused by the simple maturing of her face over the years.

Robin McGraw plastic surgery mistakes: what did go wrong?

If we pay attention to Robin McGraw’s early photos we admit that she was fairly attractive and good looking woman in her younger years. It can be suggested that she was aging gracefully up until Robin decided that the time of excessive plastic surgery has come. And what about her appearance today? McGraw now doesn’t look anything like her former self. She has totally messed up her facial features, has made a misshapen face. Besides, she has very small eyes which are shifted to the nose now in comparison with her earlier pictures.


Robin McGraw’s Botox and Facelift

The face gets stiffer and stuck with the lumps of Botox being injected.

The first noticeable thing is Robin’s anti-aging procedures she has done. It’s clearly seen that she has had many facelifts and Botox injections done. Botox becomes very popular among celebrities since it reduces wrinkles in a moment. But people should remember that if Botox is injected overly or at the wrong places, the effect will be a disaster.

The fact is that face is actually waxy-looking as a result of Robin McGraw facelift and Botox injections. We can also see relatively stiff facial features. Too much of Botox gives a woman an expressionless face. So that’s what happened to Robin. Her face is definitely looking puffier today. The fact of getting plastic and cosmetic surgery doesn’t need to be proved since 65 years old woman just can’t have a smooth face without any signs of wrinkles on it.

Robin McGraw facelift
Robin McGraw facelift

Sure, Robin McGraw just tried to keep her looking youthful. But now her face looks ununaturally plump and irregularly shaped. The only possible explanation is bad plastic surgery. All of the cheek fillers has had left her looking totally misshapen. It happens that plastic surgeries lead woman’s appearance into an unnatural version of herself.

Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumours about her cheeks

Some celebrity watchers and fans say that McGraw’s face looks askew when she laughs or smiles. This is likely due to raised cheeks which look lumpy as if they were reconstructed by using cheek lift or different dermal fillers.

In addition, McGraw’s jaw line and chin look more defined than they used to. So that’s why people think her chin has undergone plastic surgery. All of the mentioned details make her smile lines look artificial. Her entire face seems to be unnatural.

Robin McGraw’s lip injections

If we look properly at McGraw’s lips at early and latest photos, we notice that they look ununaturally shaped. We can see that one side of her lip is quite bigger than the other. The surgeon who did his work was probably inexperienced.

Robin McGraw lip injection
Robin McGraw lip injection

Robin McGraw’s nose job (Rhinoplasty)

When either man or woman wants to change the shape or structure of the nose, a rhinoplasty gets chosen. In Robin’s case it’s obviously that some kind of rhinoplasty was done. Her nose appears to be higher and much thinner than it used to look before. It also looks more pointed than it used to. The nose bridge is now narrower. In addition, Robin’s nose seem to have reduced in size.

Robin McGraw nose job
Robin McGraw nose job

This surgery didn’t go wrong actually, and everything is fine with the nose now. At least it’s not as awful as other procedures she has had. But we think it would be better for Robin to keep her old nose instead of getting new one. We think that way because it seems like some of Robin’s facial skin is pulled towards her nose. Because of this, eyes gravitate together.

Robin McGraw’s breast implants (augmentation)

The unattractive shape, small size and unsatisfied height of breasts can be changed by undergoing breast augmentation procedure. A lof of people are sure that Robin McGraw has gotten breast implants to enlarge her breasts. For this celebrity, her boob job is becoming more obvious as the time passes.

Since Robin is already 65 y.o. her new breasts look unnatural. They are too round and firm for a woman of her age. But we should admit that boob job hasn’t spoiled her figure, Robin’s body was actually improved. You can see it yourself by looking at Robin McGraw before and after implants getting.

Robin McGraw breast implants
Robin McGraw breast implants

Final word about Robin McGraw plastic surgery

We find Robin McGraw plastic surgery in between the point of okay and botched. All of the procedures has done their job well – Robin does really look younger than most of the women of her age. Some of her plastic surgeries caused her to look a bit unnatural but this is probably better than looking old and wrinkled.

Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil
Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil

Robin McGraw sternly pronounces that she hasn’t had any surgery procedures to enhance her beauty. She swears that her maintenance of youth is down to using the right creams which contain some natural ingredients. We think it’s unfair to fool all of the women like that. Women that read her books and believe her statements deserve to know the truth at least because their admiration brings Robin McGraw net worth of $45 million.

Do you know about Bruce Jenner’s transformation into a woman? You’ll be interested in reading the following article ⇒ “How does Bruce Jenner look before and after plastic surgery?”

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