Did Park Shin Hye get plastic surgery & nose job?

Park Shin Hye is a very popular and well-known South Korean actress and a good singer. She was born on February 18th, 1990 in Gwangju, South Korea. When she was in sixth grade at Hak-Kang Elementary School, Park was advised to audition for pop singer Lee Seung-Hwan’s music company. So she was discovered after Park appeared in his video for “Flower”. Then Park Shin Hye received formal training in acting, dancing, and singing. Park Shin Hye gained recognition for starring in melodramas Tree of Heaven and Stairway to Heaven. As she gained popularity, people began to judge her appearance. It happened because the first thing that most stars do after rising to stardom is improving their looks. So let’s find the truth about Park Shin Hye plastic surgery. Has she undergone any kinds of plastic surgeries or is it just a rumor?

Park Shin Hye plastic surgery rumors

Even naturally gorgeous South Korean women make friends with scalpel to fit an image that society likes.

To say the truth, plastic surgery is very popular and highly used in South Korea. So not only Hollywood celebrities are going under the knife to enhance their look and to keep up with younger stars. Almost every famous person in this country agrees to get plastic and cosmetic procedures to achieve the beauty standards.

Park Shin Hye before and after plastic surgery
Park Shin Hye before and after plastic surgery

South Koreans appreciate small feminine faces and a sharp thin nose and Western-like eyes.

What are Park Shin Hye’s rumored plastic surgery procedures? She is rumored to have had a well-done nose job, medically called as Rhinoplasty. If we compare her before and after pics, we can clearly see that Park Shin Hye got used to having a wide nose with a quite bulbous shape which is not desired by simple people and movie stars. Society finds such nose as unattractive. But Park Shin Hye now has a modified, thinner and sharper nose. It fits the beauty standards of people all over the world and South Koreans in particular.

Park Shin Hye then and now
Park Shin Hye then and now

People also believe that Park Shin Hye may have undergone a double eyelid surgery – Blepharoplasty. Take a look at her early photo and you’ll agree that she certainly didn’t have double eyelids. But her eyes changed when she got success in acting. That could mean she underwent plastic surgery to have more expressive eyes while acting. As you could already notice, Park Shin Hye had small and narrow eyes before just as all Asian people do. But now her eyes are widely opened, they are doll-like and pretty.

Park Shin Hye in her early age and now
Park Shin Hye in her early age and now

Park Shin Hye eyelid plastic surgery rumors

South Korea has some of the largest number of plastic and cosmetic surgery cases in the whole Asia.

The most common plastic surgery in Asia is the double eyelid surgery. If you compare Park’s earlier and latest pictures, it becomes evident that actress has gad slit-like eyes which are slanted and small. And now her eyes are pretty big and expressive. Sure, she is using an eyeliner to magnify them but the difference is too astounding to believe it’s a result of clever make-up. Looking at her recent photos, it is highly likely that Park went through the eyelid surgery.

Park Shin Hye eyelid surgery
Park Shin Hye after getting eyelid surgery

Park Shin Hye’s facelift rumors

The facelift is a plastic surgery procedure for older people who want to remove their facial fine lines and wrinkles. And famous people don’t usually get the facelift in their 20s. If there are any small emotional lines in the corner of their eyes, they get Botox injections. Still, some fans and haters believe that actress has gotten a facelift to preserve her young look.

Park Shin Hye's skin looks perfect
Park Shin Hye’s skin looks perfect

We are sure that Park Shin Hye’s young look isn’t a result of plastic surgery. Since the actress is very young it could be a good skincare routine. In addition, there is a great makeup team working for stars and magazines. So it’s hard to believe that she would need this procedure to eliminate signs of aging in her 20s. But who knows? Rumors may be true after all.

Has Park Shin Hye removed her chin dimple?

Have you noticed the dimple on Park Shin Hye’s chin when you looked at her early photos? You can take a look at it now, here is the photo:

Park Shin Hye had a chin dimple
Park Shin Hye had a chin dimple

But on her later pictures, chin dimple appears to have been removed. It could be the result of getting some extra weight but we didn’t see a dimple after Park Shin Hye became skinny again. So we presume this could have been done via a chin dimple removal surgery. When somebody isn’t satisfied with a dimple on his chin, plastic surgeon adds some filler (usually fat grafting or allogeneic dermis) to fill the void.


Park Shin Hye’s nose job rumors

Actress says that she felt the pressure of getting plastic surgery but never really went through with it.

In her younger age Park, Shin Hye got used to showing us rounder nose. It was stumpy and bulbous. But everything changed now in a better way. Hye’s nose appears to be sharper. Nose bridge looks narrower so we believe it has been altered. There are no easily visible signs of scars though.

Park Shin Hye has gotten a nose job
Park Shin Hye has gotten a nose job

You may also be interested in reading this article ⇒ “Kiko Mizuhara – plastic surgery she may have done”.

The final word about Park Shin Hye plastic surgery

While all people know that Park Shin Hye is a beautiful woman, everybody wants to know whether her gorgeous look is given to her by genes or plastic surgeons. Hye’s pre-debut pictures can’t lie – her face now is slightly different. Her jawline appears to be wide at her younger age but it could be the baby fat on Hye’s face.

Park Shin Hye after plastic surgery
Park Shin Hye after plastic surgery

Even though people predict the worse, Park Shin Hye’s lack of wrinkles and good complexion is due to strict skin care regime. She has also said that she learned to accept her appearance as it is, that’s why she doesn’t need to change anything.

Park Shin Hye in 2018
Park Shin Hye in 2018

Park Shin Hye has never admitted to having any kinds of plastic surgery. But she could be one of those who preach water and drinks wine. She once said though that she doesn’t think badly of cosmetic and plastic procedures. The actress claims that surgeons can help to get self-confidence. Park Shin Hye wants to see her fans happy by maintaining her youthfulness. Whether she does it by going under the scalpel is anybody’s guess. However, her net worth is $25 million, so it seems that everything she does is good for her.

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