Nicki Minaj’s plastic surgery: how did you get that waist

Bright, bold and extravagant images – that’s why the fans love Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is known not only for her tracks, but also for her gorgeous body. The unusual shape of the singer’s body has attracted the attention of fans and they and they were interested in Nicki Minaj’s plastic surgery. Contracts with the best rappers, own albums, 6 years in a row (2010-2016) she is recognized as the best hip hop artist – this is Miki Minaj now, but back in 1982 she was the girl from a poor family named Onika Tanya Mirage. 

Nicki Minaj is 9 years old (left) and in high school (right).
Nicki Minaj is 9 years old (left) and in high school (right).

Unusual facts of the biography of Nicki Minaj:

  • Niki has Indian, African and Malaysian roots.
  •  The girl was raised by her grandmother to the age of five years in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. At that time her parents tried to settle in New York, then they took little Nicky to the new home.
  • The singer’s father suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. There were quarrels and scandals, so young Nicki tried to stay home less often. At this time, the girl began to write poetry, lyrics, appeared alter ego of singer- Nicki Minaj.
  • Nicky’s father tried to kill her mother, he set fire to the house when she was inside. After this incident, the mother finally ended the relationship.
  • In New York she became seriously interested in music, which helped her to relieve stress. Nicki learned to play the clarinet, participated in school plays, sang. She went to music college.

Nicky Minaj’s amazing career:

Nicky Minaj with Lil Wayne
Nicky Minaj with Lil Wayne
  •  She posted some of her songs on Myspace. Hearing these songs, famous rapper Lil Wayne signed a contract with Nicky Minaj in 2009. It was an opportunity to step up.
  • The singer’s first album “Pink Friday” was released in 2010. He was the leader in several charts, won the nomination “Best rap/hip-hop album”.
  • The next album “pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” was released in 2011. To arouse interest in the upcoming album, a provocative video was filmed for the promo single “Stupid Hoe”, banned on television in 87 countries.

    Niki minaj plastic surgery
    Album “pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”, 2011
  • Nicki became the first hip-hop singer, who performed at the Grammy.
  • In 2014, Nicki Minaj tried her as an actress and starred in the film “the Other Woman”. Many people were surprised by the appearance of Niki Minaj and criticized the film.
  • Three Studio albums, three joint albums, three mixtapes, fifty-seven singles. From 2010 to 2016, she won the nomination of the best hip-hop artist.

Nicki Minaj’s personal life is a big mystery:

The singer doesn’t like to advertise her private life, she was suspected of bisexuality. For 10 years fans suspected about her relationship with Safari Samuelson, but Nicki denied everything and claimed that they have friendly relations. Only in 2014, after a painful breakup of the couple, Nicki Minaj confirmed that she was the bride of Safari Samuels.

A 10-year relationship with Safari Samuel
A 10-year relationship with Safari Samuels

In April 2015, on her page in Instagram, she told subscribers the good news. We are talking about the engagement of the singer with Mick Mill. Many fans have decided that this is a PR stunt. The wedding indeed did not take place. In June 2015 Niki and the Mick broke off relations. The girl returned the ring an ex-boyfriend. Now hip-hop diva is free.

Nick+ Mic= ?

Interesting facts about Nicki Minaj:

  •  Loves to wash things.
  • Madonna kissed Nicki on her 29th birthday.
  • The artist wrote the first rap song at the age of twelve. She was inspired by her neighbor, who had this hobby. Once Minaj wanted to surprise her friend and wrote her first rap.

“It was terrible, don’t laugh. It sounded like, “Cookie is the name, chocolate chip is a flavor, suck up, my style is like a cherry lifesaver.”

Nicky bought a sports car Lamborghini Aventador pink color, which was painted specifically for her order.
Nicky bought a sports car Lamborghini Aventador pink color, which was painted specifically for her order.

The first rap Minaj was about food. Actually, nothing has changed since that time.

  • At the age of 16 she had an abortion, then she was very sorry about it. Nicky even wrote a song “All Things Go”.
  • Loves pink. In mid-2013, Nicky bought a sports car Lamborghini Aventador pink color, which was painted specifically for her order.
  • Nicky’s favorite activity in her free time is just lying on the couch and eating. For example, ice cream, or any other food, from which people usually carries wide.

Nicki Minaj’s plastic surgery: how did you get that waist?

Fans know that Nicky likes to eat. So the question arises: how does Minaj manage to keep slim waist, if her favorite thing is eating ice cream on the couch? Big Breasts, wide hips, but quite a narrow waist. Fans immediately suspected the performer of using plastic surgery. This is confirmed by photos taken in different years. They clearly show abrupt changes in Nicki’s appearance.

With every year its hips become more and more. Implants?
With every year its hips become more and more. Implants?

Based on the growth in 162 cm Nicki Minaj weighs 63 kilos. This is not surprising, because she has a ass in 114 cm.

Nicki Minaj's plastic surgery. Amazing ratio of height / thigh girth / chest / waist
Amazing ratio of height / thigh girth / chest / waist

During the Iheartradio music and Fashion Rocks festivals, when Nicky sat down on a chair, many people in the audience noticed the unnatural shape of her priests. After studying the pictures from those concerts, fans and plastic surgeons came to the conclusion: implants are inserted into the buttocks of the singer.

 Implants are inserted into the Nicky's buttocks
Implants are inserted into the Nicky’s buttocks

Of course, the breast of the singer was not left without attention. The photos clearly shows a sharp increase in the breast. Even the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj noticed that.

Big difference
Big difference

On the left photo the singer obviously have 2nd breast size, but on the right photo shows that the chest sharply rose to a 4th size.
Interestingly, the Minaj itself and its representatives do not comment on the rumors about the increase in the chest and buttocks.
But fans accused hip-hop diva of rhinoplasty as well. Nicky denies doing a nose job, but the pictures speak for themselves.

The tip of the nose became thinner
The tip of the nose became thinner

The only thing fans and plastic surgeons are sure about is that Nicki Minaj didn’t increase the lips.  The singer has  plump lips and very beautiful form from nature. Many girls dream of such beautiful lips. In addition, Minaj has a gorgeous snow-white smile, which she captivates all fans. Let’s hope that Nicki Minaj will will stop making changes with her awesome body.

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