Naomi Watts can’t decide if she wants plastic surgery or not

Naomi Ellen Watts was born on September 28th, 1968 in England but she lived in Australia between the ages 1 and 7. She is 49 years old now. Naomi is a popular and well-recognized English actress, she is also a film producer. Watts made her screen debut in 1986 in the Australian drama movie named For Love Alone. Later she appeared in the TV series’ Hey Dad..! in 1990. In 2002 Naomi Watts received nominations at the Academy Awards and the Screen Actors’ Guild Award. For her leading role as Maria Bennett in the movie The Impossible, Watts received her 2nd nomination for the Academy Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress. She also received a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Since she is looking awesome in her almost 50s, people began to discuss Naomi Watts plastic surgery. But Watts is no stranger to critics, especially those who question whether her beauty is natural or the work of the experienced plastic surgeon.

Naomi Watts plastic surgery rumors

Naomi’s father worked with Pink Floyd. Her parents divorced and then reconciled but 2 years later Peter Watts was found dead after heroin overdose.

Many celebrity watchers, fans, haters and simple people believe that actress has gotten some plastic surgeries to not lose her youthful appearance. Naomi is now 49 years old and she looks better than most of the women her age. Still, her latest photos show us wrinkled face with clear facial lines. Does it mean that actress uses clever make-up and just follows good skin care routine? Otherwise, why would she put up with all of the signs of aging? However, the public believes that Naomi Watts plastic surgery includes:

  • facelift (if so, we would see a tight skin but we don’t);
  • Botox injections (we believe that actress does really use it but she can control herself);
  • cheek fillers (there are no signs of this procedure on her face);
  • lip reduction (people probably look at her early photos when Naomi used dark lipstick and liner, and now she avoids dark tones in her makeup that’s why her lips look different).
Naomi Watts before and after
Naomi Watts before and after

Naomi Watts without make-up

Have you seen Naomi Watts without make-up? Isn’t it an evidence of refusing to get plastic surgeries?

Naomi Watts hides her wrinkles by using cosmetics
Naomi Watts hides her wrinkles by using cosmetics
Naomi Watts without make-up
Naomi Watts without make-up

What does Naomi Watts say herself about plastic surgery?

Naomi Watts made friends with Nicole Kidman when they studied at school.

As Naomi herself admitted, she isn’t against plastic surgery. But then she insists that she has never undergone any kinds of procedures to preserve her youthful look and to enhance her natural beauty. In 2015 actress told InStyle UK that it’s not easy watching yourself get older. Then she says that a woman who has never gotten plastic surgery likes herself a lot more than a woman who has enhanced her beauty by going under the knife. At that moment Naomi’s fans had to calm down but then Watts continues: “I hope I get to stay being that woman, but I’d never say “never”. Oops…

Naomi's early and recent photos
Naomi’s early and recent photos

Watts thinks that undergoing plastic surgery is a form of cheating. She said that women who have never done anything to their faces are still able to play awesome roles in movies. That means Watts isn’t going to mess up with different procedures to not look freakish.

Naomi Watts possible facelift

As we can see, Naomi Watts shows us flawless and smooth facial skin that would amaze most women her age. This condition makes the public think that she has had a facelift. You can judge yourself after looking at the photos we posted below.

Evident wrinkles on Naomi's face
Evident wrinkles on Naomi’s face

Naomi Watts and Botox injections

We believe that actress may have injected some Botox mainly in her cheeks and forehead. Her forehead does look too good for somebody who is already 49. Botox is widely used by many famous women and men in their effort to remove the signs of aging. But unlike some other actresses like Renee Zellweger who went crazy with this procedure, Naomi controls herself and uses Botox in a minimal dose.

Naomi Watts then and now
Naomi Watts then and now

Naomi Watts before and after pictures

We should go through Naomi’s photos before and after she became a celebrity. It will help us to see whether an actress has had any work done on her face. The year 1991 – Naomi had a very young face, blue eyes, double eyelids and some baby fat on her face:

Naomi Watts (1992)
Naomi Watts (1991)

The year 1992 – Naomi still had rather chubby cheeks and her lips seemed thinker than now because of her dark lipstick:

Naomi Watts (1992)
Naomi Watts (1992)

The year 1993 – Watts has lost most of her baby fat, her face looks slim and her skin looks quite sharper:

Naomi Watts (1993)
Naomi Watts (1993)

The year 1995 – that’s when Naomi moved to the USA, but we still don’t see any signs of plastic surgery:

Naomi Watts (1995)
Naomi Watts (1995)

The year 2002 – Naomi doesn’t show any signs of aging at the time she was nominated at the 74th Annual Academy Awards:

Naomi Watts (2002)
Naomi Watts (2002)

The year 2005 – we can clearly see that Naomi’s beauty is starting to fade away since we can already see some wrinkles around her eyes, forehead and neck area:

Naomi Watts (2005)
Naomi Watts (2005)

The year 2008 – Naomi’s face looks a bit plump so that’s where her first Botox injection could have place:

Naomi Watts (2008)
Naomi Watts (2008)

The year 2009 – there are many deep wrinkles, face lines and crows feet on Naomi’s face:

Naomi Watts (2011)
Naomi Watts (2009)

The year 2011 – here we can dismiss any breast implantation claims:

Naomi Watts (2011)
Naomi Watts (2011)

The year 2014 – we don’t see any signs of cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures, otherwise, Naomi’s face wouldn’t look so dry. In addition, she shows us deep lines above her eyebrows:

Naomi Watts (2014)
Naomi Watts (2014)

The year 2016 – doesn’t Naomi Watts look like a 60 years old woman here? She would look better if she actually used any kinds of plastic surgery. No facelift, browlift, breast lift:

Naomi Watts (2016)
Naomi Watts (2016)

The year 2017 (Guggenheim International Gala in NY) – that’s where we can believe she finally underwent plastic surgery or Botox injections:

Naomi Watts (2017)
Naomi Watts (2017)

The final word about Naomi Watts plastic surgery

Public thinks, that Naomi Watts view about cosmetic and plastic surgery makes herself to be linked with plastic surgeon scalpel intervention on her. But we think the actress has never undergone plastic surgery procedures like facelift or cheek augmentation. She might have had Botox injections though. She does show us some wrinkles and smile lines, but if we look at her being without make-up, her face demonstrates many signs of aging. So that means she gets herself prepared for public events.

Naomi Watts at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20, 2013
Naomi Watts at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20, 2013

Naomi was included in People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. She is indeed a very beautiful and stunning woman. She takes care of her skin and hair to preserve her youthful look and to keep up with younger celebrities. But she doesn’t go overboard with Botox injections or fillers that’s why her face doesn’t look frozen.

Naomi Watts after plastic surgery
Naomi Watts after plastic surgery

But if Naomi never undergoes cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures (as she claims) then we have to ask her advice for getting such a flawless face in nearly 50.

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts

Naomi has attained her fame the hard and long way. Because of that, she is not willing to change her facial features by going under the knife. She believes that the expression on her face is crucial to do her job well.

You may also be interested in reading this article ⇒ “Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery”. This actress also claims that she has never used Botox injections.

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