Meryl Streep’s negative stand towards facelift and other plastic surgeries

Meryl Streep is a great actress of all the time. She was born on June 22nd, 1949. Meryl made her screen debut in 1977 in The Deadliest Season and then later than year, her film debut in Julia. In 1978 she was starring in Deer Hunter, in 1979 she got her starring role in Kramer vs Kramer. Meryl Streep was nominated and won an Oscar for latter. Some people expect this actress to have at least tried a facelift in an effort to preserve her beauty since she is already 68 years old. As you could notice, Meryl looks much better than most celebrities of her age. That is why the public is always speculating about Meryl Streep facelift. Let’s find out if she has ever undergone any kind of plastic surgery.

Meryl Streep’s achievements

Meryl Streep has been married to Don Gummer since 1978. This couple was raising 4 children – 1 boy and 3 girls. Meryl is one of the most successful actresses of her generation. She has received 18 nominations and has won 3 Academy Awards.

Meryl Streep won an Oscar as the Best Actress for her role in The Iron Lady. She must have accumulated most of her wealth in the movie The Deer Hunter. This film won 5 Academy Awards, it was one of the greatest movies of all time in according to what critics have said.

Meryl Streep's achivements
Meryl Streep’s achievements

This is an actress that the public finds quite low considering. Meryl has been in the entertainment industry for many years but still, her net worth is $100 million. If we compare her net worth to some new actresses’ earnings, we will get disappointment. For example, the rising star of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is already having an estimated net worth of $50 million. As for Meryl Streep, she had publicly stated that she doesn’t ask for big money when she gets roles in films. So this fantastic woman knows that she deserves more but she doesn’t ask for a lot. Meryl Streep is a wise woman since she has also invested in other businesses that keep her money rolling in. Some people get a lot of money and then waste them for nothing.

Meryl Streep facelift and plastic surgery rumours

Streep is also famous for her negative stand towards plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments.

Streep’s beauty doesn’t coincide with her age, so public began doubting in her own words about avoiding plastic surgery procedures. She is 68 but still, she looks awesome. Her face doesn’t show any old face. But has Meryl Streep had plastic surgery in real?

Critics comment that Maryl should have done Botox injections, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), chemical peeling and some other cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. They say that she hasn’t maintained her beauty naturally. Critics claim that Maryl is allegedly fighting signs of aging with plastic surgery.

Meryl Streep looks perfect at her 68
Meryl Streep looks perfect at her 68

According to news reported, the actress had done some plastic surgeries to rejuvenate her look. It was said that she has undergone a neck lift, face lift, Botox injections, and an eyelid surgery. Streep has never come out publicly to confirm or deny any face lift gossips.

If Maryl Streep has really undergone all those procedures, then she had chosen the best in the industry to get some changes which were so difficult to notice.

You might be also interested in reading this article ⇒ “Why Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery rumours are true?”

What does Meryl Streep say about plastic surgeries?

Meryl Streep says that one should embrace growing old.

We all know that Meryl Streep has always been against celebrities and simple people who underwent plastic surgeries to enhance their appearance or to look somewhat different. As she has said, a lot of opportunities in the media will be opened for those who grow old. She has suggested that it feels very good when producers select an actress for some role because of the acting skill and not just because of her beauty. Maryl has claimed that an actress, once she gets old, will get an opportunity to take up interesting movie character.

Meryl Streep is against plastic surgeries
Meryl Streep is against plastic surgeries

Meryl Streep is known as a critic for some famous women’s facial changes. Doesn’t that mean she would never undergo any kind of plastic surgeries? The actress once said that it’s impossible for a 50 y.o. woman to look like a 20 y.o. one. She means, why would actress need any plastic surgery procedures if she won’t get back her youthful look anyway? Streep advice famous people to celebrate life and to embrace aging even though they can’t maintain their youthful appearance and complexion forever.

Meryl Streep then and now
Meryl Streep then and now

The actress has been asked about undergoing plastic surgeries many times. And she is still saying that she has never made friends with the scalpel. So it becomes evident, that all critics’ statements about Meryl Streep nose job, face lift and other procedures she might have had aren’t true. It seems like Meryl’s aging process is never going to start. If she is hiding the fact that some anti-aging procedure has had the place, then the result can’t be guessed easily. That means that the plastic surgery can be considered to be successful.

Here is a story about another aged woman who denies undergoing plastic surgeries ⇒ “Why does Robin McGraw deny having plastic surgery?”

Neck lift of Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep's neck looks great
Meryl Streep’s neck looks great

Have you noticed that Meryl Streep has stiffed and toned neckline? Most women of her age desire to have the same neckline. Some surgeons say that her face looks too tight. The gravity has to pull down the skin as age increases but it doesn’t work on Meryl’s face. But who said that it’s impossible for a woman to achieve such effect by using natural anti-aging creams? Meryl doesn’t need to hide her beautiful neck under the scarf or collar.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) of Meryl Streep

There is no sagging skin on Meryl Streep's eyelids
There is no sagging skin on Meryl Streep’s eyelids

An actress doesn’t have any signs of sagging skin on her eyelids. Most of the women in their late 60s are already fighting with this problem. Surgeons claim that she has gotten an eyelid surgery which is medically named as blepharoplasty. They say this procedure helped her to make the skin under her eyes larger and wider. That’s why she has a younger look. Eyelid surgery gives a rejuvenating look. After getting this procedure droopy eyes to become larger and bigger because of removed sagging skin.

Face lift, Botox injections, and fillers of Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep doesn't admit using Botox
Meryl Streep doesn’t admit using Botox

Meryl Streep’s facial skin looks noticeably tight and radiant compared to women her age. Some medical experts and top surgeons say that she may have undergone the facelift. This procedure is highly used for preventing the skin from sagging and shrinking. It’s expected that people will believe Meryl is a keen of plastic surgery since diets and healthy lifestyle have no ability to prevent getting wrinkles at almost 70s.

It’s not only a facelift rumor that has come out. The public is also discussing Meryl Streep Botox injections. If she used it a lot, her face would become unexpressive and lumped. But her facial emotions look natural. Probably she uses Botox in a minimum amount. However, Meryl’s forehead looks flawless and it’s not typical for women of her age.

A final word about Meryl Streep facelift and plastic surgeries

There are no signs of plastic surgeries on Meryl Streep's face
There are no signs of plastic surgeries on Meryl Streep’s face

Keeping youthful look forever and never aging is what all simple people and celebrities seek for. It seems like Meryl Streep has found a secret formula for preserving the beauty from signs of aging. If we look at Meryl Streep before and after photos, we will finally agree that it may be true that Meryl doesn’t practice what she preaches. She got used to saying that people shouldn’t try to undergo plastic surgery because it’s impossible to look young at 50. But Meryl herself looks stunning at her 68.

Meryl Streep in her younger years
Meryl Streep in her younger years

We think that it would be noticeable if Meryl Streep has ever asked plastic surgeons for help. Public claims that Meryl has undergone many plastic surgeries but there is no evidence that she has had it even once. Her facial features look natural, she never loses the ability to express her emotions, there are no signs of scars. This woman is celebrating life and is feeling good for being an actress, wife, and mother. Happiness is working better than plastic surgery.

Meryl Streep at her 20s
Meryl Streep at her 20s

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