Why does Melania Trump have such narrow eyes?

Melania Trump (earlier Melanija Knavs, Melania Knauss) was born on April 26th, 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. First Lady is an ex-former Slovenian and American model and the 3rd wife of U.S. President (since 2005), former reality TV star and real estate billionaire Donald Trump. This woman standing by American President is now 48 years old and she looks literally perfect. We can’t even imagine what amount of money she spends for preserving her youthful look and beauty. She has somewhat changed her image during her time in the limelight. And people started to discuss Melania Trump eyes, just because it’s impossible to not notice that her eyes became too narrow. Let’s look at her early and recent photos to find out what’s going on with First Lady’s eyes.

What happened to Melania Trump’s eyes?

Melania Trump in her early years
Melania Trump in her early years

There is absolutely no reason why Donald Trump’s wife would want an eye surgery, whether it is the eyebrows, eyelids or size. In her earlier days, Melania didn’t wear heavy make-up but now she does. Eyeliners and eyeshadows make her eyes look smaller.

Changes in Melania's eyes through years
Changes in Melania’s eyes through years

In addition, Melania is always squinting in front of cameras so that’s why we see narrow eyes on each recent photo. Finally, Melania fights with all of the signs of aging by undergoing face fillers. Her cheeks were injected several times with the big amount of fillers. So her cheeks are literally pushing her eyes up making them even smaller.

Melania Trump's eyes has become narrower
Melania Trump’s eyes have become narrower

What other plastic surgeries have been done on Melania Trump?

Melanija Knavs
Melanija Knavs

Here is a list of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures that Melania Trump has gotten during her life before and after marriage to Donald Trump:

  1. Rhinoplasty (nose job) – her nose is the most beautiful facial feature of her, even top plastic surgeons say that this procedure is very well-done.

    Melania Trump's nose job (Rhinoplasty)
    Melania Trump’s nose job (Rhinoplasty)
  2. Breast implantation (breast enlarging procedure, boob job) – Melania has always had long legs and amazing body shape. But we can’t say she was born with really big and tight breasts. She was totally flat at the beginning of her career and now she has an incredible bust size.

    Melania Trump's breast augmentation
    Melania Trump’s breast augmentation
  3. Botox injections – Melania’s forehead look perfectly wrinkle-free in her 49 and it’s impossible to achieve by just living a healthy life.

    Melania Trump is a constant Botox user
    Melania Trump is a constant Botox user
  4. Face fillers – Melania is constantly using cheek fillers and injections around her eyes. You will see a proof in photos we posted below.

    Melania Trump now uses face fillers
    Melania Trump now uses face fillers
  5. Restylane injections – Melania’s lips were too thin when she was young at the beginning of her career. And now her lips change from being thin to being fuller again and again.

    Melania Trump makes her lips fuller by using Restylane
    Melania Trump makes her lips fuller by using Restylane

What is evident is that Melania has never had a facelift. Because we wouldn’t see such deep wrinkles each time she laughs or smiles if she underwent this procedure.

Melania Trump has never undergone facelift
Melania Trump has never undergone the facelift

What does Melania Trump say about plastic surgery

“I will age gracefully, as my mom does” – Melania Trump once said.

In April Melania Trump had an interview with GQ. And GQ asked her a question about plastic surgery. She said that she has never done anything to her face. Melania claims that she looks so perfect because of the healthy lifestyle and taking care of her face and body. She also told GQ that she is against Botox since she believes injections can damage the face and facial nerves.


Melania Trump’s before and after photos

We arranged photos of Melania in chronological order for you to see all of the changes that happened with her facial features.

How did Melania Trump look from 1987 to 2005 (before marriage)

Let’s start with a picture of her in 1987. Her eyes were a lot more wide-open, and her eyebrows were natural. By the way, her nose was more prominent.

Melanija Knavs (1987)
Melanija Knavs (1987)

And here is the photo of Melania in 1999 (Fifi Awards). Her hair is lighter, eyebrows are thinner. Her lips look plump but Restylane injections weren’t commonly used back then. As for her eyes, they look narrower but still larger than they appear today.

Melania Knauss (1999)
Melania Knauss (1999)

The year 2001 (American Cancer Society) – Melania keeps her eyebrows thin but she gets back her dark hair. Her lips and cheeks look plump so that’s when she could start using Restylane.

Melania Knauss (2001)
Melania Knauss (2001)

The year 2004 (Alex Rodriguez, reception) – Melania’s make-up is nice and bronzey and her hair color suits her complexion pretty well. This year she had probably altered her nose because it looks thinner and more pointed, the tip of it looks modified.

Melania Knauss (2004)
Melania Knauss (2004)

How does Melania Trump look after marriage

The year 2005 (Hot Pink Party) – we see that Melania used teeth whitening. And her teeth weren’t as uniformly-sized before so her dentist did a great job this time. Look at her eyes – there is a movement around Melania’s eyes. In addition, a natural hollow underneath her eyes so it’s evident that she hadn’t done anything with that area yet.

Melania Trump (2005)
Melania Trump (2005)

The year 2008 (‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ party) – Melania started squinting when she gets her picture taken. That’s why her eyes look narrower on every photo that was taken back then. And here her cheeks look more flat than earlier. If we compare this picture with the photo from 1999, we notice the change in her nose too. Since this time Melania began wearing heavy eye makeup and liner in her waterlines which closes off her eyes too.

Melania Trump (2008)
Melania Trump (2008)

The year 2009 (final season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’) – Melania uses Botox to hide lines around her lips and on her forehead area (that’s why she has an unnatural smile here). Melania’s cheeks look plump and her under-eye area looks more full. Such changes never happen as you age.

Melania Trump (2009)
Melania Trump (2009)

The year 2010 (Samsung launch party) – Melania’s cheeks were definitely sculped by using face fillers, and that’s what is contributing to the feline look of her eyes.

Melania Trump (2010)
Melania Trump (2010)

The year 2011 (QVC’s Red Carpet Style party) – Melania’s face doesn’t look as tight here since injections are already “settled”. Her lips are fuller again because of Restylane.

Melania Trump (2011)
Melania Trump (2011)

The year 2012 (premiere of ‘Men in Black 3’). Melania’s cheeks are injected and her eye area still looks tight because of Botox.

Melania Trump (2012)
Melania Trump (2012)

The year 2014 (NY Ball) – the Botox had worn off, but the tip of Melania’s nose looks refined.

Melania Trump (2014)
Melania Trump (2014)

The year 2016 (Time 100 Gala) – Melania’s eye area looks “pulled”, the forehead is line-free, cheeks inflated. Heavily contoured nose is exaggerating its altered. The upper lip looks bigger again.

Melania Trump (2016)
Melania Trump (2016)

The final word about Melania Trump eyes

Melania Trump tries to correspond to her status as the First Lady. She has to look perfect since all of the USA citizens look at her, and women all over the world try to copy her outfits.

Melania Trump then and now
Melania Trump then and now

“Melania’s face has a stony look from being overfilled and over-Botoxed” – Dr. Franklin Rose (plastic surgeon) told Life&Style.

Dr. Franklin Rose has also said that Melania’s line-less forehead is too smooth so she has had liberal amounts of Botox. Her nasolabial lines between the corners of the mouth and the nose and her cheeks have fillers. But her nose job is well-done.

Melania Trump before and after plastic surgery
Melania Trump before and after plastic surgery

Melania has never admitted to undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. But her plump cheeks that push her eyes up, wrinkle-free forehead and chiseled nose look similar to many other celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery. She doesn’t look natural at all.

Melania Trump's eyes look narrower and smaller with time
Melania Trump’s eyes look narrower and smaller with time

Some of her facial features changed completely and it couldn’t happen because of aging. Melania may insist she is “all-natural”, but pictures of her tell a different story. However, who would judge her? Seems like everything she does is for good since a Slovenian model one day becomes the First Lady of the US!

You may also be interested in reading the following article ⇒ “Meryl Streep’s negative stand towards facelift and other plastic surgeries”.





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