Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery

Megan Fox is now the most popular celebrity in the entertainment industry among teenagers. All of the teenage girls want to look like her. And all of the teenage guys want to date a girl who’s appearance and figure is like Megan’s. Even guys started watching romantic comedies since Fox started acting in movies. But is this beauty natural? No. So we should actually admire plastic surgeons’ work, not Megan. They have created a woman that catches your eye immediately. There are so many obvious plastic surgeries that have been done on her, still, Megan Fox doesn’t admit the fact of getting them. So this topic is about Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery. Let’s figure everything out.

Megan Fox plastic surgery rumours

Everybody has seemed to be asking the question about Megan Fox’s plastic surgeries. Speculations about different kinds of procedures she might have had continue to circle around. People presume that Megan has had:

  • breast augmentation (or boob job and lifting);
  • cheek fillers (too make them upper);
  • Botox injections (or at least chemical peel);
  • lip augmentation (or lip fillers);
  • nose job (rhinoplasty);
  • facelift.

Rumours about Megan Fox plastic surgery surface because the actress looked too different in her younger years. If we compare her earlier and latest photos, we clearly see that Megan looks sharper now, she’s more sophisticated. In addition, her nose seems to be thinner and modified. She has never been ugly actually but it’s not about the beauty. It’s just that she is totally different.

Fans and celebrity watchers are sure that getting the slimmed-down nose and tighter facial skin isn’t a part of adulthood. In younger days Megan had acne scars on her facial skin but then the latest photos show us a smooth look. Make-up has no ability to hide scars that good.

Megan Fox before and now
Megan Fox before and now

Did Megan Fox admit getting plastic surgeries?

Not all famous people tell all of the truth about getting plastic surgeries. They are afraid of being criticized by fans and watchers and of going back to getting lots of scrutiny.

When it comes to famous person plastic surgery, Megan tends to keep quiet. She was asked about every possible procedure but each time she denies allegations about cheek and lip fillers, nose job and breast implantation or any other kind of cosmetical or surgical improvement that is out there. But Fox’s now and then photos show us the totally different thing. So Megan is just fooling all of us trying to pretend to be all natural.

Megan Fox earlier and recent photos
Megan Fox earlier and recent photos

It’s easy to believe Megan Fox has gotten plastic surgeries since some time ago while being interviewed she encouraged people who want to go under the scalpel to first speak to a specialist. She said it’s very important to get the consultation first to not get a change on a face which won’t relate to other facial parts.

Megan Fox has spent over $60 thousand on facial plastic surgery. Can you imagine? Megan has invested such amount of money on plastic surgery to her face alone! She started undergoing plastic surgeries in 2004. Still, actress always looked older than 25 y.o. the woman and exhausted.

Megan Fox tried to snub out plastic surgery rumours

Some time ago Megan went on social network Facebook to show her fans and critics that if she had Botox injections, she wouldn’t be able to do some facial expressions. The statement is true actually since Botox kinda paralyzes facial muscules and doesn’t allow to wrinkle the skin. So Megan showed her scrunching and frowning her face. There were lines and wrinkles which testify in her favor.

Megan Fox Botox
Megan Fox Botox

Megan created an album titled “Things you can’t do with your face when you have Botox”. That’s where she put all of the photos of her scrunching her face.

What do plastic surgeons say about Megan Fox plastic surgery?

Dr. Matthew Schulman (famous New York plastic surgeon) told Radar that Megan Fox:

  • has had some cosmetic procedures without any doubt;
  • hasn’t had anything major;
  • possibly has had a nose refinement and facial fillers;
  • had wider nose before with a noticeable cleft on her nasal tip;
  • has gotten narrower and more refined nose and a smoother nasal tip;
  • has gotten fuller lips and higher cheekbones as a result of Restylane or Juvederm.
Megan Fox nose job
Megan Fox nose job

Megan Fox’s nose job

Earlier Megan Fox had the wider nose, plus it was a visible cleft on her nasal tip. But since 2010 Megan has more narrow and refined nose with a smoother nasal tip. So it says that Megan Fox plastic nose job has been done. Her nose has changed a big deal actually so actress can’t even claim her nose is natural. Make-up skills can’t help here – it’s just impossible to hide the cleft however else but using Photoshop.


Megan Fox’s breast augmentation

Fox started showing more skin in the big screen and since then people began to speculate that actress has undergone breast implantation procedure to make her boobs bigger and tighter. Her fronts do look perfect and perky now. Both size and shape have suddenly changed in 2010. Fox has never confirmed fans’ allegations but we don’t actually need it since we can compare her recent and earlier photos.

Megan Fox boob job
Megan Fox boob job

Megan Fox’s lip fillers and lip injections

In 2010 Megan was also confronted with her rumoured lip augmentation. The actress said that “her lips are her lips”. But we can clearly see that there is not only exaggerated lip liner but also lip fillers. Otherwise, why would her upper lip look so outstanding?

Megan Fox lip fillers
Megan Fox lip fillers

Interested in lip fillers? There is another article that might make you curious ⇒ “Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery Disaster Controversy Exposed”.

Megan Fox’s cheek fillers

At the same 2010, Megan started to use injectable fillers that made her looks older and not really young. Her face started to look weirdly shaped and kind of bloated.

Megan Fox cheek fillers
Megan Fox cheek fillers

Aside from cheek injections, Megan has had chemical peels and a laser skin resurfacing. That’s why her skin is still looking so young and doesn’t show any signs of aging.

The final word about Megan Fox’s plastic surgeries

Did Megan Fox have plastic surgery? Yes, of course. We aren’t blind to miss all of the things that testify about getting lots of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Megan Fox has changed since 2002 a great deal. After bringing her babies she didn’t just save her youthful look, tight skin and nice boobs but also enhanced her beauty. Isn’t it another argument for the benefit of the plastic surgery?




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