Was Meagan Good plastic surgery done for good?

Meagan Good is an American film and television star, she is also an occasional movie producer. The actress has appeared in numerous feature films, music videos, commercials, TV shows. You can remember her from Californication and Saw V movies as well as from 50 Cent and Will Smith music videos. Meagan was born in 1981 in California. She started acting when she was 4 y.o. A lot of celebrity watchers, top surgeons and fans are keen to point out that Meagan’s look has changed recently. This is not a shock since many celebrities have undergone plastic surgeries. So nobody was actually surprised about Meagan Good plastic surgery since she works in the entertainment industry.

Meagan Good plastic surgery rumours

The pressure within Hollywood to maintain a perfect look can be impossible to resist sometimes so fans forgive some stars for getting plastic surgeries. Some actresses and singers decide to change something in them by undergoing plastic surgery even when everything looks perfect on them. Young rising stars try to get anti-aging procedures like facelift and Botox, American African women change their wide nose and start looking weird and so on. People that admire Meagan Good claim that she has undergone a lot of plastic surgeries:

  • breast augmentation (breast implants, boob job);
  • Botox injections or silicone;
  • lip augmentation;
  • facial fillers.

Did Meagan Good get Botox and face fillers?

One more rumour is connected to Meagan Good young looking. Many people questioned about her youthful appearance. People believe that she has to have some small signs of aging but yet she doesn’t. So that’s why fans think Meagan has had Botox procedures and face fillers. But this fact isn’t proved. So she probably doesn’t do anything like Botox injections since her facial appearance hasn’t changed much. She is probably too young for smile lines and wrinkles in eye corner.

Actresses have to stop using Botox because it makes face look frozen, and it’s very important for actress to express and show emotions while playing roles.

On the other hand, though Meagan Good is very young, however, she should be showing some sign of aging. But her face looks as smoother as it was in her teenage years. Maybe Meagan feels she needed to rule out all of the wrinkles since she mostly plays the role meant for younger actresses.

Meagan Good Botox
Meagan Good after possible Botox injections

Some celebrity watchers assume that Meagan Good has good genes that give her high cheekbones so it’s not necessary to face fillers that bring such effect. But some plastic surgeons say it’s clearly visible that facial fillers have been injected into Meagan Good’s face because her cheeks weren’t that round before.

Does Meagan Good need Lip injection?

As for full and juicy lips, Meagan is an African American woman so it’s a gift of nature. That’s why we also don’t believe that her high cheekbones may be the result of implants or cheek fillers. As for her appearance enhancing, she just uses false eyelashes and hair weaves.

Meagan Good lip injections
Meagan Good lip injections

However, some fans and Hollywood celebrities swear they see that lip augmentation has been done. They say Meagan Good lips look almost twice the size as they were before.

Meagan Good has chosen too big breast implants

Women who undergo breast augmentation should be ready to deal with breasts sagging eventually.

Since Meagan’s breasts have increased in size from B bra cup size to a large D size, fans started talking about celebrity’s possible breast augmentation. Meagan Good’s boobs look too lifted and round last time so it’s obvious that she has had breast implants. It’s so obvious it can’t be denied.

Meagan Good breast augmentation
Meagan Good before and after breast augmentation

There are a few critics’ remarks about Meagan Good’s breasts. Critics say that Meagan will eventually reduce the size of breast implants because she will get problems with wearing that kind of weight.

Usually, breast enlarging procedure gives extra self-confidence to women. But in the case of Meagan, a lot of celebrity watchers and fans said that her breast augmentation wasn’t successful at all. The skin around Meagan Good’s breasts looks too overstretched and tight. You can see it yourself if you compare it with the skin on other parts of Meagan’s body. The final word is that she didn’t choose the right implants for her trying to get as big boobs as possible. Megan Good breast size is way too big now. If she wanted to look natural than she would have accepted a C cup instead of D cup. So breasts don’t match her body frame now. Plus Meagan Good will probably experience difficulties with time since large boobs implants require many maintenances.

Meagan Good after boob job
Meagan Good after the boob job

Meagan Good’s unlucky breast augmentation procedure can be corrected since actress is still young.

What do top surgeons say about Meagan Good’s new breasts?

Some surgeons claim that Meagan Good is going to realize that carrying large breasts is a burden since they can lead to back and neck pain. Probably that’s why fans are sure Meagan will seek for another boob job later to make her breasts smaller. Experienced surgeons all say that natural looking and smaller breast implants will enhance her beauty in a natural way. As for the actress, she hasn’t made any official statements about getting a boob job.

If you are interested in breast implantation procedure, you should read this article too ⇒ “Did Anna Faris really undergo plastic surgery that much?”.

The final word about Meagan Good plastic surgery

Meagan Good’s net worth is $8 million and the breast augmentation procedure is likely to bring more film and television roles her way.

Hollywood has clearly shown that only individuals with very good looks and body figures can make a breakthrough in the entertainment industry. So that’s why actresses and models try to save their place in Hollywood going under the scalpel.

Meagan Good is considered to not have had any other plastic surgeries aside from the breast augmentation. But even boob job went bad for her since breasts look lifted up with tight and pulled skin across them. Plus there are visible stretch marks there. That’s why Meagan Good implants should be removed or changed on smaller ones.

Meagan Good and false lashes
Meagan Good and false lashes

At least there is nothing to say about Meagan Good nose job since she appears not interested in such procedure. It’s good since rhinoplasty is one of the commonest cosmetic surgery procedures in Hollywood. Sure, Meagan Good uses some clever things to enhance her beauty like fake eyelashes and hair weaves, as every celebrity does. But we can’t judge her for that since nobody is natural nowadays.

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