What plastic surgery did Matthew Mcconaughey have

Matthew McConaughey is a popular American actor and producer. You may remember him acting in movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Failure to launch, A Time to Kill and Amistad. He was also starring in True Detective series. Today Matthew has become a topic for a great discussion due to his recent plastic surgery. Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery has caused a stir in the entertainment industry over a few recent years.

Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery rumours

There was a rumour among fans and celebrity watchers that Matthew McConaughey has had plastic surgery recently. But this rumour turned to fact when he appeared at the Oscars. Matthew was awarded The Oscar Best Actor that time. So he gave a speech from a scene and mentioned that he had lost weight for acting in the movie The Dallas Buyers Club. It was needed since he had to play a role of an AIDS victim and this role after all won him the award. However, McConaughey appeared to have recovered during the Oscars. People also noticed that Matthew McConaughey face has changed a great deal.

Matthew Mcconaughey before and after
Matthew McConaughey before and after

Is Matthew McConaughey’s facelift real?

The actor was so skinny while playing in the movie that he probably got a sagging skin after recovering. This thought came to many of his fans and they decided that he might have a facelift. Matthew McConaughey facelift wasn’t proved though, the actor himself has never mentioned anything like that. On the photo of Matthew McConaughey before and after acting in The Dallas Buyers Club represented below you can clearly see what a big change has happened to him.

Matthew Mcconaughey thin
Matthew McConaughey thin

It’s no wonder, that fans worried about his health and discussed every facial feature which changed after a weight loss. It’s obvious that cheekbones, chin, and nose will look different than they used to if the entire face has changed. So we think that the other rumour about Matthew McConaughey nose job is just a rumour and nothing of a truth.

Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant
Matthew McConaughey hair transplant

In 1999 Matthew had started showing the signs of baldness. But in 6 years things took a turn when the actor appeared with a head full of hair. So that fact provocative new rumours about him getting plastic surgery named hair transplantation.

Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery facelift

Recently, when McConaughey is getting older, his fans also wondered if he had undergone a facelift. It was noticed from his current look. He definitely looked younger recently than he used to. It might be the result of the facelift that has tightened the skin on his face. But there is no proof he actually has had it. Matthew has never admitted it. And since he doesn’t admit having hair transplantation, we shouldn’t expect any other comments from him about procedures that are intended to enhance his looks. Great looking Matthew McConaughey follows healthy lifestyle and dieting so it could also help him to keep his appearance safe from the signs of aging.

Matthew Mcconaughey weight loss
Matthew McConaughey weight loss


Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery procedure

The plastic surgery Matthew McConaughey undertook was aimed at restoring hair on actor’s head in the frontal area. The name of this manipulation is hair transplantation. Matthew’s fans were constantly noticing that the hairline was quickly thinning before the procedure. He was probably balding because McConaughey shaved his head and always appeared without hair.

Matthew Mcconaughey shaved
Matthew McConaughey shaved

In 2005 Matthew regained hair on his entire head. The transplantation procedure went well for the actor since all male pattern baldness were no longer visible after the hair transplant procedure. Baldness that had started being visible on the frontal part if Matthew’s head suddenly disappeared.

Matthew had been struggling with hair loss problem for quite some time. And non-surgical treatments were not capable of quickly restoring his hearing better than hair transplantation. Still, Matthew McConaughey himself claims that the sudden growth of hair was the result of using a tropical product known as Regenix. So the actor doesn’t admit that he had undergone any plastic surgery procedures.

Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery is real

Matthew Mcconaughey denies having any plastic surgery procedures having done. He says his hair growth is an effect of using tropical product and his youthful look is a result of doing sports and dieting.

How can we find out if the plastic surgery we are talking about is real? Matthew says that the growth of his hair is an effect of using a tropical product named Reginix. On the other hand, it’s obvious that the actor has had a hair transplant. Let’s see. If Matthew McConaughey says true about Regenix, then all men out there would also purchase Reginix (especially after Matthew’s recommendations) and stop suffering from their pattern baldness.

Matthew Mcconaughey hair
Matthew McConaughey hair

Matthew McConaughey is fooling his fans, it’s obviously. Using Regenix isn’t true and the statement is misleading. Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery did really have the place and the procedure was done by an experienced professional. Thanks to hair transplantation, he is no longer losing hair quickly and badly as he did before.

The final word about Matthew McConaughey’s plastic surgery

Actor realized that he had to take action to enhance his attractiveness and continue getting roles in movies. His hair became looking better than ever so the procedure brought actor even more fame. The hair of Matthew has improved noticeably.

Matthew Mcconaughey before and after hair transplant
Matthew McConaughey before and after hair transplant

Matthew McConaughey has had a hair transplant at the age of 31. That is when most men begin struggling with baldness. Losing hair didn’t become a reason for quitting the entertainment industry, still, the actor decided to improve his look. Matthew McConaughey net worth is $75 million. And he is ready for doing everything he can to keep making money and to keep up with other celebrities.

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