Has Marie Osmond achieved her youthful looks by undergoing plastic surgery?

Olive Marie Osmond was born on October 13th, 1959 in Ogden, Utah, US. Marie was raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Osmond is a well-known American singer, actress, screenwriter, songwriter, doll designer and a member of the show business family The Osmonds. She is the only daughter of 9 children. Marie gained success as a solo country music artist in 1970-1980s. She was never a part of her family’s singing group though. Marie co-hosted the variety show Donny & Marie alongside her brother (Donny Osmond) from 1976 to 1979. Marie Osmond plastic surgery procedures began in her later years. Today Marie isn’t looking like a 58 y.o. the woman that she is, that’s why people discuss all of the methods that she is using to preserve her beauty.

Marie Osmond’s cosmetic procedures to maintain a youthful look

That's how Marie Osmond looked in her youth
That’s how Marie Osmond looked in her youth

Marie Osmond is rumored to undergo many plastic and cosmetic surgeries which include:

  • skin peels (chemical burn of the upper layer of the skin for facial skin renewal);
  • brow lift (to make eyes look wide open);
  • nose job (rhinoplasty);
  • facelift and neck lift;
  • eyelid injections (to make the skin on the eye area look tight);
  • lip injections (if we compare before and after photos, we will see that Marie’s lips became bigger and fuller than before, and at her age, it couldn’t happen naturally);
  • face fillers;
  • Botox injections.

All of the mentioned procedures meant to rejuvenate the appearance of an older person. Some of the cosmetic procedures were admitted by Marie, and other rumors are grounded blades on apparent evidence of before and after photos.

That's how Marie Osmond looks now
That’s how Marie Osmond looks now

Marie Osmond and her facelift

As people naturally age, the facial skin tends to wrinkle and droop. But that is not the case for Marie Osmond, thanks to the power of facelift, face fillers and Botox injections. If you take a look at her recent photos, you will notice that her face is still taught and smooth despite her age.

Marie Osmond before and after facelift
Marie Osmond before and after facelift

Many women would be jealous of seeing such a result of using modern methods for maintaining a youthful look for as long as possible. Most of the time woman’s face looks frozen or waxed after using Botox, but it seems like Marie Osmond uses the minimal amount of it. Sagging skin, laugh lines and crow’s feet aren’t visible or minimally visible on her “after” photos. So facelift helped her to remove all of deep wrinkles and Botox is still working on her crow’s feet and smile lines.

Did Marie Osmond undergo neck lift?

As you can see, Marie’s neck looks impeccable. If we compare her recently taken pictures and earlier photos, we will notice that her neck did really become better. So that is why celebrity watchers and media alike believe that Osmond has undergone neck lift to remove all of the sagging skin. She had already admitted that she had considered having this plastic surgery because she hated seeing her neck sagging. It seems like she finally solved the problem.

Marie Osmond has undergone neck lift
Marie Osmond has undergone neck lift

How many Botox injections Marie Osmond takes?

Marie Osmond has admitted to undergoing Botox injections and skin peeling.

Botox injections are used to make skin smooth and flawless, it helps to fight with signs of aging – wrinkles and facial lines. Botox injection is the only thing that can help 58 years old woman to maintain a youthful face. So, there is nothing to discuss here, since Marie has already agreed to admit that she is a constant Botox user.

Marie Osmond is a Botox user
Marie Osmond is a Botox user

Did Marie Osmond admit getting a nose job procedure?

Nothing helps to understand if somebody has undergone surgery better than before and after pictures. Even though, some of Marie’s fans deny she has gotten a nose job, her earlier and recent photos say different. At her age, it’s impossible for somebody to change a facial feature like that. So changes in her nose can’t be a result of nature. Did you notice that Marie Osmond’s nose looks much narrower and thinner than before? In addition, the tip of her nose looks more pointed than before.

Marie Osmond before and after nose job
Marie Osmond before and after nose job

So it becomes clear, that Marie Osmond has made friends with the scalpel to enhance the look of her nose. She could have had a rhinoplasty (nose job). This procedure has been done successfully since Marie’s new nose perfectly fits her face and contributes greatly to her youthful looks. Osmond does look decent, so we can barely judge her for undergoing plastic surgeries in her age.

Marie Osmond has undergone the boob job

If celebrities want to keep their breasts looking full and tight, a lot of famous women get breast implants of breast lifts.

The bust area is always an important spot when it comes to famous women. To say the truth, there were no gossips or speculations about Marie Osmond’s breast augmentation. This is probably because nobody pays attention to this part of the body when the woman is at her age. It would be disrespectful to discuss if she has enhanced the look of her breasts. However, the boob job has been definitely done here.

Marie Osmond's bust area doesn't look old at all
Marie Osmond’s bust area doesn’t look old at all

Marie Osmond admitted to undergoing the breast reduction in her youth. You would probably think that she decided to make her breasts bigger to attract more attention as all of the modern celebrities do now. But no, Marie Osmond is doing otherwise. She had confessed by then that her voluminous breasts outshore her talent. That was the reason for reducing them.

Now Marie Osmond’s breasts look beautiful in dresses and proportionately to her body. They are not too large, nor too small. They are not also sagging. So fans of Marie are all saying that they like her new chest appearance. Either she got a breast lift or breast implants, Marie adds to her everlasting youthful look with a perky set of Cs.

The final word about Marie Osmond plastic surgery

Marie Osmond plastic surgery is one of Hollywood’s best. It’s easy to tell how much her plastic and cosmetic surgeries are a great success because she preserves her youthful looks perfectly. She doesn’t look like most of the women of her age, even famous ones who also have an opportunity to find a good skilled plastic surgeon. She looks even better than Kathie Lee Gifford after getting her procedures.

Marie Osmond then and now
Marie Osmond then and now

Plastic surgeries in big amount can ruin the face, but Marie controls herself and doesn’t go overboard like Cher or Robin McGraw. She didn’t lose an ability to show her emotions, she still looks quite natural, her face doesn’t look frozen or waxed. This woman knows how to take care of her facial skin and she fights with sings of aging only when deep wrinkles need to be removed. Her recent photos still show a radiant icon emanating grace and style.

Marie Osmond has aged gracefully with the help of cosmetic surgeries (without overdoing it, of course). She is one of the few veteran stars that managed to keep their faces fresh enough and expressive.