The truth about Kerry Washington plastic surgery

Kerry Washington isn’t just an American actress and producer. She is also well-known as a style icon. Washington is in “Most Influential People in the World” list of Time magazine. Glamour magazine has named Kerry a “Woman of the Year”. She is 2 times Prime time Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. In 2013, People’s magazine ranked her N2 in its coveted list of 100 Most Beautiful people in the world. She is now 41 years old but she looks younger than women of her age. So the actress is undergoing plastic surgery, and not just once, enhancing her look quite noticeably. So let’s see how much of her beauty is natural and how much of it appears as a result of plastic surgeon’s work. This is about Kerry Washington plastic surgery rumours and facts.

Did Kerry Washington undergo plastic surgery?

Kerry Washington has always carried about herself well. That is why she is one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood. That’s why it was quite hard to see her latest appearances. She looked unnatural, “thanks” to her new plastic surgery speculations. Changes in her look are so evident that we don’t even need to argue about Washington being natural or made by surgeons. It’s enough to take a look at Kerry Washington before and after pictures to figure everything out.

Kerry Washington before and after plastic surgery
Kerry Washington before and after plastic surgery

Does Kerry Washington admit getting plastic surgeries?

Interviewers have asked Kerry Washington about cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures many times. But the actress has never admitted the fact that she has undergone different surgeries. She claims she is all natural. That means she isn’t honest with her fans. Well, most celebrities don’t confirm gossips about enhancing their face and body by undergoing plastic surgeries. Good that we have their recent and early photos to judge.

Kerry Washington without makeup
Kerry Washington without makeup

What plastic surgeries has Kerry Washington had?

We found some information about plastic and cosmetic surgeries which were chosen by Kerry Washington to improve her image. So here is a list of all the procedures that she has undergone over the years:

  • rhinoplasty (plastic surgery that helps to change a form, structure, length and/or shape of the nose and to remove the crook);
  • Botox injections (a well-known anti-aging procedure which is needed for facial muscles relaxing and hiding wrinkles and smile lines);
  • lip correction surgery (a procedure which is needed for making lips more expressive and for enhancing lip bend);
  • eyelid surgery (helps to make wider and more alluring eyes);
  • cheeks augmentation (a surgery which is needed for making cheekbones look higher).

Kerry Washington’s eyelid surgery

The eyelid surgery ensured more alluring and wider eyes. It was the best of all the other plastic surgery procedures done on Kerry’s face. Her look was taken to a new level. Her eyes look pretty dreamy today and it makes her charming.

Kerry Washington after eyelid surgery
Kerry Washington after eyelid surgery

Kerry Washington nose job (rhinoplasty)

We started the history of Washington’s plastic surgery experiences from rhinoplasty because it is the most obvious procedure on her face. If you look at earlier and recent photos of her you will clearly notice that now she has a narrower bridge of the nose and a pointy tip. Her overall nose appears sharper and smaller. So the actress doesn’t regret having some work done. Fans also feast one’s eyes on her new appearance. So Kerry Washington nose job brought her even more fame recently.

Kerry Washington before and after nose job
Kerry Washington before and after nose job

Kerry Washington’s lip correction surgery

There is a difference between lip augmentation and lip correction surgery. Augmentation is supposed to make someone’s lip bigger and fuller. And lip correction is needed to change the form of the lip (or both lips).

Kerry Washington has never been satisfied with her upper lip. So she has made a decision to undergo correctional surgery. It turned good for her – this lip job has enhanced her look well. Now the actress has more prominent “V” at the center of an upper lip which makes her more expressive while acting. In addition, Kerry Washington teeth are better visible now so her smile looks wider and more attractive. We can say for sure that Kerry Washington lips now look better than ever.

Kerry Washington lip correction
Kerry Washington lip correction

Kerry Washington fillers and Botox

Some celebrities carry Botox a bit too far. So they get a botched procedure as a result. The effect of it make them look like they have stuffed too much silicone on their faces.

Regular Botox injections and face fillers seem to be the most popular anti-aging procedures. They help Washington to get rid of wrinkles and smile lines at her 40s. When Kerry is in front of cameras there are no signs of aging on her face, whatever how bright the light is. In particular, Kerry’s forehead is clear and smooth.

Kerry Washington Botox
Kerry Washington before and after using Botox

Kerry Washington still looks natural despite her love for using Botox. She looks better than most of the women at her age. Her natural smile tells us that there are no restraints on Kerry’s facial expressions. So probably she has it in small amounts.

Who else uses face fillers and is it looking good? How to understand if the person uses Botox or not? Figure it out! Here is an article that might be interesting to you ⇒ “Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery”.

Kerry Washington’s cheek augmentation

Cheek implants can lift woman’s cheeks so that they look perkier and younger.

More oval face, pretty smile and expressive face can be achieved by getting cheek augmentation. For Kerry Washington, the result was seen in higher and more prominent cheekbones. There is no doubt she has undergone this plastic surgery which is for older people since her cheeks were suddenly lifted up. No amount of facial exercise is able to produce such cheek lifting effect.

Kerry Washington before and after cheek augmentation
Kerry Washington before and after cheek augmentation

Kerry Washington’s skin brightening procedure

Critics, watchers, and fans are saying that Kerry Washington has also undergone skin brightening procedure. It became obvious when she first appeared on the scene with the skin being several tones lighter. It wasn’t just make-up, so we can presume that the actress went to a surgeon’s office once again.

Kerry Washington after skin whitening procedure
Kerry Washington after skin whitening procedure

The final word about Kerry Washington plastic surgery

Kerry Washington after plastic surgery
Kerry Washington after plastic surgery

Kerry Washington desires to save her youthful look just as all of the women of her age do. And actress seems to look better with age and it’s impossible without undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Well, the excuse for her is that she has to keep up with younger celebrities and to continue her successful career.

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