Kenny Rogers plastic surgery

Kenny Rogers is a famous American singer and actor, one of the most famous and successful as a country musician. His music is a great overflow between country rock and pop-music, but the great fame he was given by his love of melodic ballads. Many fans want to know about Kenny Rogers plastic surgery. Rogers was born in 1938 in Houston, USA, in a family of Lucille Lois, a nurse’s assistant and Edward Floyd Rogers, a carpenter.

Biography of Kenny Rogers:

  • He started his music career at early 50’s, moving his music prefers from teenage rock’n’roll and psychedelic rock to the country music by joining many vocal collectives that played jazz, rock and rhythm – and – blues music. The most popular band of his early career was the country – rock trio «The First Edition».
The most popular band of his early career was the country - rock trio «The first Edition».
The most popular band of his early career was the country – rock trio «The First Edition»
  • After they disbanded Rogers started is the solo career with a producer Larry Butler, their partnership lasted for four years, and presented his triumph track «Lucille», that took the first place in the charts of 12 countries including the U.K. with 5 million sold copies.
  • More success was created by the album «The Gambler» with another worldwide popular single «Coward of the country».
  • Later Rogers was awarded Grammy for the best country male vocal. In 1980 Rogers recorded a duet with Kim Carnes «Don’t fall in love with a dreamer»  that had also become a major hit.
  • His famous partnership with Lynda Carter gave the world another beloved hit «You and me».
  • Later he began his work with the popular producer Lionel Richie who produced and wrote the ballade «Lady», that had become one of the greatest hits of his whole music career and took 6 weeks at the Billboard Hot 100 list. Rogers had been cooperating with Richie and recorded the album «Share your love» with the chart №1 song «I don’t need you».
  • His first Christmas album was presented in 1981. In 1983 Kenny worked with other famous pop-stars and producers such as Barry Gibb from Bee Gees, who produced the album «Eyes that see in the dark». He continued his career creating more and more popular hits.
  • At the early 80s, he also worked with such producers as David Foster and George Martin. But unfortunately, his fame began to decrease at the beginning of the 1990s. This was caused by his venerable age and the new wave of country music with the new leader Garth Brooks. At these years he took part at charity concerts and started his own restaurant business («Kenny Rogers’ Roasters»).
  • In the 21st century, Rogers came back with a single «Buy me a rose», that was very popular. He also began his film career. In 2006 he took part at the movie «Six Pack» and played a race-car driver.
  • Another passion of this talented person is photography. As he claimed once, photography was his only obsession before it morphed into a passion. Rogers is an author of such books as Kenny Rogers’ America and Your friends and mine.
  • Kenny was married 5 times and has 5 children.
  • He is a very rich and popular person even now and still had his tour concerts till 2017 that was extremely successful.

    Kenny Rogers plastic surgery:

As many famous singers and actors, Rogers didn’t want to get older and that is very noticeable by his appearance. Kenny decided to have surgeries in order to look younger and make camera still love him. So what kind of a surgery Rogers had taken?
Everything started in 1990, he wanted to vanish the wrinkles around eyes and his forehead. After this first surgery, Kenny had facelift and eyelid surgery as well as few forehead botox injections. An interesting fact is that Rogers never denied his plastic surgeries and even named the main reasons for his desire to look younger which is according to his words was the desire to match his wife Wanda Miller that was 29 years younger to him. His experience in surgeries wasn’t successful as one of them went wrong. Rogers’ face looked like a mask and his eyes became smaller and tighter like the «bionic robot’s ones». Another eyes striking feature of the face of the singer is the changing with his cheeks that have changed their shape. It took more than 10 years for his skin to return its almost natural look, but his face still has the tracks of the surgeries he made. For example his brows are very noticeable raised to their unnatural angle, his yes still have such an angle and plastic look even now, after many years passed by the blepharoplasty, which is often made by famous people to remove excess skin. Fortunately there’s a thing that Rogers have never changed, his beard, that can help the authority recognize the singer despite his tiny eyes.

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery
Kenny Rogers plastic surgery

So what was the mistake of these procedures? Why the face of such a handsome man has become plastic and distorted? According to the information that many famous surgeons give to the public, plastic surgery is not a simple way of creating a youthful look and saving someone’s beauty fighting with time impact. All the medical interventions, especially interventions in the old skin are dangerous and have many consequences that can cause problems with facial nerves and the ability of skin to restore. Mister Rogers surely knew all of these facts, but the psychological factor was much stronger than his logic. Rogers is a good example of an unsuccessful surgeries and all of his «after» photos can illustrate that chasing for the entire youth might not always have positive effects.

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