Does Kendall Jenner also undergo plastic surgery like her sisters?

Kendall Nicole Jenner was born on November 3rd, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. She is a daughter Kris Jenner (TV personality) and Bruce Jenner (retired Olympic decathlete champion who has converted to a woman – Caitlyn Jenner) At the age of 14, she was already discovered by the modeling agency, thanks to her pretty face and skinny body. So she had struck a deal and became a young runway model. Besides, she is a TV personality and a fashion designer. Kendall has gotten her first fame for being a half-sister to Kim Kardashian. She was always using the ability to show up with her sister and that is what led her to appear in the reality TV show titled Keeping Up With The Kardashians which appears on E. Kendall Jenner has a successful career both at the fashion industry and at the runway. And since all of her family members are constantly undergoing plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, Kendall Jenner plastic surgery is also commonly discussed.

Photos of Kendall Jenner before plastic surgeries

Let’s study some photos before and after Kendall became famous to find out if she had undergone any plastic surgeries. Let’s start at the very beginning.

The year 1996 – here you can see a baby picture of Jenner. She is just 1 year old. The only thing we can see here is her big eyes. So we can be sure that Kendall has never undergone any eyelid surgeries (Blepharoplasty) since she doesn’t need it. Want to know more about Kendall’s father? Read the following article ⇒ “How does Bruce Jenner look before and after plastic surgery?”

Kendall Jenner (1996)
Kendall Jenner (1996)

The year 2003 – Kendall’s school time. The girl has some gaps in her teeth and quite a wide nose.

Kendall Jenner (2003)
Kendall Jenner (2003)

The year 2004 – here we can see how plump Kendall’s cheeks were back then. So it becomes obvious that she has never had cheek implants or cheek fillers.

Kendall Jenner (2004)
Kendall Jenner (2004)

The year 2007 (with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner) – Kendall began her acting career in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. What we can say is that both Jenner sisters had think lips back then. So Kendall will probably need to get lip injections.

Kendall Jenner (2007)
Kendall Jenner (2007)

The year 2008 – Kendall started to wear braces to fix her crooked teeth and to remove the gap between her teeth. We can suggest that she has had teeth whitening.

Kendall Kenner (2008)
Kendall Kenner (2008)

The year 2009 – Kendall is 14 years old here and she already shows us her thin and slender body, skinny long legs and flat chest.

Kendall Jenner (2009)
Kendall Jenner (2009)

The year 2010 – that’s when Kendall is starting to understand the importance of hairstyle and make-up. Her lips are still very thin.

Kendall Jenner (2010)
Kendall Jenner (2010)

The year 2011 – Kendall still has quite a bit of baby fat on her face, wide nose, and thin lips.

Kendall Jenner (2011)
Kendall Jenner (2011)

Photos of Kendall Jenner after getting plastic surgeries

The year 2012 – Kendall appeared to have lost some weight, that’s why her face looked a lot thinner and her jawline area have reduced.

Kendall Jenner (2012)
Kendall Jenner (2012)

Her nose suddenly becomes much thinner and more attractive. Remember how it looked before? Kendall’s nose bridge was wider and now it is subtly sharper, the nose bridge looks thinner. That’s when Kendall could have a rhinoplasty (nose job) done.

Kendall Jenner's nose job
Kendall Jenner’s nose job

The year 2013 – Kendall is 18 y.o. here. Her breast has grown to a decent cup size. Fashion models don’t need big boobs so this change isn’t due to breast augmentation for sure.

Kendall Jenner (2013)
Kendall Jenner (2013)

The year 2014 – Kendall Jenner appeared looking like a younger version of Kim Kardashian. Don’t you think so?

Kendall Jenner (2014)
Kendall Jenner (2014)

By the way, celebrities and watchers noticed the great change in her lips. Kendall had rather thin lips before, but this time her lips are full. They couldn’t become so much bigger in just a year so here is an evidence of getting lip fillers or lip augmentation.

Kendall Jenner's lip augmentation
Kendall Jenner’s lip augmentation

Other facial features that changed this year are her nose’s tip and her double eyelids. But it’s not as clear as lip job.

The year 2015 – Kendall looks perfect making her debut at Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Every part of her body and face look amazing. In her 20 she became an angel.

Kendall Jenner (2015)
Kendall Jenner (2015)

The year 2016 – Kendall reportedly deleted her Instagram account, that’s why her watchers decided that she is hiding the changes on her face after undergoing some new plastic surgeries.

“When I deleted my Instagram account, people were saying that I did it to have full facial reconstruction!” – Kendall said.

Kendall Jenner (2016)
Kendall Jenner (2016)

The Year 2017 – as we can see, nothing outstanding happened to Kendall and she didn’t overdo anything.

Kendall Jenner (2017)
Kendall Jenner (2017)

Kendall Jenner’s lip implants

As we already noticed, Kendall’s lips started to look completely different in 2014. Her lips appeared being more full and puffed up there. They have definitely been altered because they look almost twice bigger than their previous size. Therefore, the model may have undergone lip injections or a lip implant surgery. Her sexy lips never change since then so lip implantation is more likely.


The nose job (rhinoplasty) of Kendall Jenner


Many famous people have undergone the nose job. The nose job (which is medically called Rhinoplasty) becomes evident when we compare Kendall Jenner’s early and recent pictures. Her reshaped nose looks completely different than before. It looks slimmer with a straighter shape, so her surgeon must be very skilled.


Kendall Jenner’s breast augmentation


According to the opinion of one top surgeon (Dr. Neal Handel), Kendall has applied breast augmentation surgery to make her boobs bigger. And according to another plastic surgery expert (Dr. Anthony Youn), she has implanted her breast wither with saline or with silicone.

Kendall Jenner after breast augmentation
Kendall Jenner after breast augmentation

She is too young so such procedures are highly risky to undergo. But Kendall has taken this risk and has undergone breast enlarging procedure. We know it because her extreme round shaped boobs are suspicious and they clearly indicate that she has undergone a plastic surgery.

Kendall Jenner after boob job
Kendall Jenner after a boob job

A final word about Kendall Jenner plastic surgery

Kendall Jenner has never admitted getting any kinds of plastic surgeries. She said that she doesn’t fight against such procedures, but she doesn’t need it right now. Although Kendall denies making friends with the scalpel, people, watchers and popular plastic surgeons don’t believe her statements. Do you?

Kendall Jenner slim body
Kendall Jenner slim body

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