Did Katy Perry have breast implants plastic surgery

Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) is a popular singer, mostly among teenagers. She is an outstanding person with an extraordinary personality, excellent figure and pretty face. Katy belonged to a Christian pastor family. She got her first experience in singing at a very junior age when she was singing gospel music. People noticed her sweet voice so Katheryn decided to try herself in the entertainment industry. And she immediately got success – she got fame after launching the first album. Katy Perry is 33 years old now but her face doesn’t show any signs of aging. That’s why her fans are wondering if she made friends with the scalpel. Let’s discuss Katy Perry plastic surgery and figure it out!

What does Katy Perry say about her plastic surgeries?

Katy Perry was asked about getting plastic surgeries many times. But she strongly negates that she had ever undergone any kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Katy claims that she has the body, she always prayed for. So that means she doesn’t admit the fact that she has altered the size or shape of her body parts or facial features.


Katy Perry and her new stunning looks

Celebrity’s dedicated fans admire her new looks. Since people closely monitor their favourite celebrity, they noticed every small change in her image. They say that she has never been as attractive and sexy as she is now. But is that possible for a person to look younger and prettier at her 30s if she didn’t actually look that way at her 20s?

Katy Perry's new look
Katy Perry’s new look

Fans claim that Katy Perry has better and smoother skin now. In addition, there are some changes in her nose. And of course, we all see that Katy has gotten bigger and tighter breasts. So this truth revealed the hidden secret about Katy’s plastic surgeries.

What do surgeons say about Katy Perry’s plastic surgery?

Katy Perry’s fans got used to a thought that their idol has had some plastic surgeries. They have forgiven her for this and they keep admiring her now.

But enhancements on Katy’s face could be a result of a clever make-up. Only experienced surgeons can say it for sure if a singer has undergone plastic surgeries.

And some of the renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael Salzhauer and Dr. Paul Nassif denied the truth about Katy Perry’s plastic surgeries and explained that she might have under few minor cosmetic surgery procedures like:

  • lip fillers;
  • Botox injections (for a forehead zone).
Katy Perry before and after
Katy Perry before and after

According to the top surgeons, the enhanced beauty of Katy Perry must be a result of all the above mentioned cosmetic surgeries. The fact is that sexy curved and fuller lips and a broader forehead altered the overall facial looks of celebrity.

Did Katy Perry get a nose job?

Rhinoplasty seems to be the most popular plastic surgery among simple people and celebrities. And like lots of other Hollywood stars, Katy Perry has never been satisfied enough with her bulbous nose. So that was the reason to get a nose job.

Katy Perry then and now
Katy Perry then and now

Fans’ reaction didn’t wait to reveal. People who admire Katy and follow the news about her life started to comment on her photos immediately. Most of them liked all of the changes connected to her nose shape. They said that the nose bridge looked quite sharp as compared to her earlier pictures.

Katy Perry’s breast augmentation

Perry’s image would be incomplete without proper nice breasts. We can remember that she actually didn’t have big boobs before the plastic surgery. Though she is a daughter of a Christian pastor, Katy gets her fame for provocating images and poses. Teenagers look at her and dream about parties and relationships they don’t have. So, Katy is an image of everything teenagers would want to have. And the nice figure and large breasts are the most desirable things if we talk about body parts. All girls want to have it to attract attention and all guys want to date a girl looking awesome. So Katy Perry had enough of courage to fulfill the dream.


Katy Perry’s fans who watch singer since the very beginning, suspect that singer got a great shaped body and the only not perfect thing was her chest. Katy got used to say she has a body she always prayed for. So probably God decided not to give her nice boobs. But surgeons don’t mind working on her decolletage. So singer has undergone plastic surgery named breast enlargement procedure. We don’t have any proof she has really had it though.

Katy Perry boob job
Katy Perry boob job

Katy Perry explains that she turned from youth to a bit senior age, that’s why her breasts changed from a smaller size to the quite big size. She claims she has never had a thought of making friends with plastic surgery. Was she just blessed with perfect boobs?

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The final word about Katy Perry plastic surgery

We all know that finding a single person in Hollywood that has not undergone plastic surgery would be as hard as it is to find a drop of water in the dessert. So Katy Perry probably has an excuse. Though her voice is very sweet and this woman herself looks very charming, Katy has to keep up with other celebrities and turn cameras on her.

Katy Perry now
Katy Perry now

Though Katy Perry herself doesn’t admit getting plastic surgeries, she definitely enhanced her beauty for the sake of gaining fame. There is no proof that Katy has had a nose job or lip fillers. But if we look at Katy Perry before and after photos we can find the best evidence which is the total sudden change in her breasts looking. It’s barely possible to achieve such results by praying.