Justin Bieber plastic surgery rumours – True or False?

Justin Bieber is a world popular and well-known Canadian singer and songwriter from London, Ontario. He was discovered on YouTube at a time he was a simple boy who liked music most of all. Soon he has become a household name and worldwide success. He isn’t just a good singer but also a handsome young man. So, as with all other famous people, it might have taken some time because of his young age, but as soon as they could people began to discuss Justin Bieber plastic surgery. Those gossips have become more and more a topic of conversation since people believe that Bieber’s pretty look is too good to be true.

Interesting facts about Justin Bieber

Justin’s full name is Justin Drew Bieber. He was born on March 1st, 1994. At a young age, Justin learned how to play the piano. But it wasn’t enough to him so he taught himself how to play trumpet, drums, and guitar.

He was posting his videos covering songs on YouTube and that’s how talent manager discovered him in 2008 and signed to RBMG. After that Justin released his debut EP titled My World. It happened in late 2009. Justin’s debut record was certified platinum in America.

Justin Bieber is the first singer to have 7 songs from debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

Justin released his 1st full-length studio album in 2010 when he was at the age of 15. It was titled the same way as his debut record – My World 2.0. His album was certified triple platinum in the United States and debuted at/near number 1 in several countries. His single “Baby” was the most successful.

Justin Bieber has sold ~8 million records in the United States and 15 million records in all over the world.

Bieber is one of the most famous Canadian pop singers of all time. He is just 23 but his net worth is already $200 million. Every year he gets another $50-70 million from tours, endorsements, merchandise, and music.



Justin Bieber plastic surgery rumours

That's how Justin Bieber looks now
That’s how Justin Bieber looks now

Justin Bieber is a big idol today, especially for teenagers. More and more girls and guys begin to admire his talent for his voice and attractive look. He is singing, writing songs, modeling, playing instruments and working out. He does so many things others can’t do. Millions of girls around the world are enchanted by his image. However, Pop Music industry demands from singers to look perfect. The destiny has chosen him for gaining world fame at a very young age because of his talent in music but he has to keep everybody’s attention and keep up with other pop stars. So that’s why he could ask for a help of plastic surgery.  People don’t have any proof, but the public is considering it a truth the world over. The other gossips are about:

  • Justin’s smile (people presume he has gotten veneers to alter his teeth because they are too straight and white);
  • Bieber’s nose (in comparison with his previous photos, his nose looks different and changed – it got used to being bulbous, and now it is slim, well shaped and perfectly matching his facial features);
  • singer’s eyelids (his eyes look much larger than they were before).

What plastic surgeries has Justin Bieber undergone?

Justin Bieber continuously puts himself under experimentation. His images have been transformed by introducing evolution in his hair styles. But he isn’t just playing around with his hair – it is also found that Justin has undergone a few cosmetic and plastic surgeries for improving his facial features.

Justin Bieber after plastic surgery
Justin Bieber after plastic surgery

Justin has started his career in the entertainment industry when he was too young. So it’s evident that he was constantly changing until he started to look as he does now. But there are some facial features that just couldn’t be changed like that in a natural way. Bieber’s fans are watching him day and night so they pay attention to every small change in him. Lots of people have said that they noticed that:

  • Justin’s nose has suddenly changed a great deal (probably it’s because of the nose job – rhinoplasty);
  • singer’s teeth weren’t very attractive as he was a boy but now his smile is perfect (we suppose it’s a result of getting veneers);
  • Bieber’s eyelids have suddenly become more attractive than they got used to looking (it could be an effect of an eyelid surgery).

As for undergoing gender reassigning surgeries, we can’t say anything about this since those procedures weren’t proved.

Rumours about Justin Bieber’s gender reassigning surgeries

There is no real proof that Justin Bieber has ever undergone plastic surgery.

Some experts like James David (New York pastor) have claimed that singer has undergone the gender reassigning surgery. That means Justin was born with female genitalia and has gotten a sex reassignment during his childhood. We can’t say if this is true or not since Justin has never admitted anything like that.

That's how Justin Bieber could look if he was a girl
That’s how Justin Bieber could look if he was a girl

The first man to undergo transracial surgery

Justin Bieber has said that he respects and likes black people a lot. He has also said that he feels himself like a strong black guy trapped in the tattooed body of a white girl. So according to some sources, Bieber is going to undergo a series of safe experimental therapies and procedures to become a black man. Justin has never said anything like that in public but we can constantly see him with Asher and other black celebrities. He started his career from meeting with Asher so this fact has probably effected on him.

Justin Bieber and Asher
Justin Bieber and Asher

Justin Bieber’s eyelids surgery

Fans and Hollywood top plastic surgeons believe that Bieber has gotten an eyelid surgery. They claim it was needed for him to get more attractive “almond” shape.

Justin Bieber before and after eyelid surgery
Justin Bieber before and after eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a surgical procedure which is needed to enhance the appearance of one’s eyelids, either the upper or lower ones (or both).

Justin Bieber’s dental assistants

Veneers are used to achieve perfectly white and straight teeth. The procedure is a covering one’s existing teeth with a special cover which hides all of the defects.

Justin has perfectly white and straight teeth today. But if we take a look at his early photos, we notice that his teeth didn’t look good at all. So their perfect shape could be achieved by getting dental cosmetic procedures. It’s evident that Justin has used veneers.



Justin Bieber’s nose job

Apart from other plastic surgeries, Justin Bieber nose job is constantly discussed among people too. Pictures of Justin from previous to latest showed a big difference in his nose shape. It is lucky for Justin Bieber that the nose job has resulted well.

Justin Bieber after undergoing nose job
Justin Bieber after undergoing the nose job

Final word about Justin Bieber plastic surgery

Sure, we live in a very superficial society, therefore, it’s not unreasonable that a young pop star would have undergone plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Every kind of plastic surgery is risky. Even cosmetic surgeries are ricky enough. Justin Bieber is very young but still, he is already trying to enhance his look by undergoing plastic surgeries. If we compare Justin Bieber before and after plastic surgeries, we can see that he does look more attractive than he appeared as he was younger. But that doesn’t mean he has to make friends with the scalpel. If he has too many procedures he could change his look too much. He is very popular so every small change can hurt his career.

You might be also interested in reading the following article ⇒ “Brad Pitt before & after plastic surgery”.

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