Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery – did it improve her expressions?

Jenny McCarthy (Jennifer Ann McCarthy) is an American comedian, model, actress, game show host, anti-vaccine activist and an author of several books. Jenny was also a co-host on a talk show on ABC, on the View and MTV show “Singled Out”. She was born on November 1st in 1972, so Jenny is now 45 years old. You may also know her as a wife of an actor Donnie Wahlberg. Jenny’s career started from nude modeling for the famous Playboy Magazine in 1993. She had success and won the title of Playmate of the Year. So that’s when people started to speculate about Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery.  Later she parlayed this fame into television career and film acting. McCarthy had a few roles in TV series. You may remember her from Two and a Half Men series.

In apart of her achivements in entertainment industry, Jenny has written a book about parenting. Since her son Evan Joseph was diagnosed with authism in 2005, she started promoting research aimed at learning what causes autism and how to treat it. Since Jenny McCarthy is already 45, rumours about her plastic and cosmetic surgeries have spread across the main-stream media.

Did Jenny McCarthy admit getting plastic surgeries?

We don’t actually need to make research on gossips about Jenny McCarthy’s facial and body improvements, since actress has openly admitted undergoing facial filler injections. She said it in some interviews and then ABC News reported everything she told. But the issue is that some people don’t believe that gorgeous woman has had some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her look, and others apparently don’t believe if McCarthy has only had Botox injections.

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Jenny McCarthy doesn’t confirm any other rumours but those which claim that she is a Botox user.

Celebrity watchers claim that she exaggerates with facial fillers, especially on her cheeks. They say it’s clearly visible on some photos and videos. However, Jenny admits having love to Botox injections only, and she says she uses it regularly. But McCarthy also claims she doesn’t have it injected too much. She says that she uses only the minimal amount, and that is why is still able to move her facial muscles.

Jenny McCarthy after plastic surgery
Jenny McCarthy after plastic surgery

What plastic surgeries has Jenny McCarthy had?

There is an opinion based on comparison of Jenny’s earlier and recent photos, that she doesn’t just get Botox injections regularly but also enhanced her breasts and nose surgically. Her nose changed just once but her boobs seemed to be different 3 times in total. Isn’t it a clear sign of getting nose job and breast enlarging procedure?

Nose job, breast implants, facelift and Botox seem to be the 3 kinds of plastic surgery procedures which are the most popular among women in their 40s. They suddenly see the sagging skin on their faces and smaller breast size as a result of a natural process of aging. So it wouldn’t be surprising if we realized that the famous Playboy model has undergone plastic surgery as well. Let’s see.

Jenny McCarthy after cosmetic surgery
Jenny McCarthy after cosmetic surgery

Jenny McCarthy’s Botox injections or other filler injection

Fillers are injectables that help smoothen smile and frowning lines on one’s face. They are needed to hide forehead furrows in particular.

As actress said herself, she is a keen of Botox. It helps her to get smoother and ageless facial skin. As we can see, Jenny does look better than most of women of her age. There are no wrinkles, smile lines or excessive skin in her eye corners.

Jenny McCarthy uses Botox
Jenny McCarthy Botox

Botox injections are very popular among celebrities and simple women who try to keep their youthful look in their 40s. Celebrities start using Botox even earlier since they try to keep up with other beautiful famous people in entertainment industry. Looking good is very important for actresses and models. Since it’s evident that 45 y.o. woman has no ability to have tight and smooth skin without using Botox, Jenny doesn’t deny getting regular injections. And we can say it’s good for her. Botox has given her better facial shape and a sleek skin, so now actress has more vibrant and youthful look.

As for face fillers, Jenny could use them for restoring the contours of her face. Such effect can be achieved by padding face folds and wrinkles.

Jenny McCarthy’s nose job or rhinoplasty

Fans and critics are saying that Jenny has possibly had a nose job. They publicly stated that some nose job has been done. Some of them noticed that her nose looks a bit thinner than it used to. Some top surgeons and medical experts have observed the photos of McCarthy and said that she has gotten some enhancements on her nose. They claim that Jenny’s nasal bridge has become narrower and straighter. Because of this the entire nose’s shape looks slimmer than before. In addition, the tip appears sharper. Dr. Salzhauer said that McCarthy’s nose looks a little bit pinched to be natural. So that means we have an evidence of a rhinoplasty or nose job.

Jenny McCarthy before and after nose job
Jenny McCarthy nose job

Jenny McCarthy’s breasts augmentation and boob job

As we know, Jenny McCarthy has never admitted if her breasts are fake, but people seem to have believed that actress got breasts implants.

Boob job of Jenny McCarthy is clear. Top surgeons and medical experts confirm it. We can notice it after the dramatic increase in the size of Jenny’s boobs. Her erlier and recent photos show us the difference clearly. Breasts do look fuller, bigger and rounder than before.

Jenny McCarthy before and after breast augmentation
Jenny McCarthy before and after breast augmentation

Some beauty magazines and other sources ever reported that McCarthy’s breast implants were done twice. In 2009 Jenny decided to remove her implants, but in the end asked plastic surgeon to put implants back for the 2nd time. Actress was showing her big breasts for quite some time so she felt insecure and unattractive without them.

Jenny McCarthy’s lip fillers

There is no confirmation that McCarthy has had fillers injected in her lips but people believe she made them bigger recently. They do look fuller and bigger now than before.

Jenny McCarthy before and after lip augmentation
Jenny McCarthy before and after lip augmentation

Final word about Jenny McCarthy’s plastic surgery

Overall, Jenny’s plastic and cosmetic surgeries were accepted in the media quite well. McCarthy is now 45 years old so we believe that she uses all of the possible methods to save her beauty from any signs of aging. Once actress said that she admits that she has undergone a few cosmetic procedures and that she is happy about getting them.

Though McCarthy is the one of the famous people who has been bold to admit getting plastic and cosmetic surgery works, she doesn’t go into details and keeps the list of all her enhacements in secret. But we can compare Jenny McCarthy before and after pictures and see by ourselves that she has undergone plastic surgeries many times. And it’s not just about Botox injections, but also face fillers, nose job and breast implants.

Jenny McCarthy then and now
Jenny McCarthy then and now

Celebrities can keep silence when people ask them about plastic surgeries. But they have no ability to hide the surgery signs. So Jenny McCarthy have confirmed the fact that she is constantly getting Botox injections. But experts notice other signs in her appearence which could be a result of breast enlarging procedure and nose job.

However, it’s almost impossible to find a celebrity who hasn’t undergone plastic surgery. And Jenny McCarthy didn’t do anything terrible trying to gain her fame. She was offered $20 thousand by the Playboy magazine in 1993 for posing for the October issue of the Playboy. And then she was paid $100 thousand for the same job. So we can say that her improvements has enabled her to earn more money. Her current net worth is $14 million.

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