How Jenny McCarthy’s plastic surgeries have transformed her

Jenny McCarthy is one of the well-known people in the entertainment industry who has been honest enough to confirm some gossips about plastic surgeries she has undergone. The model started to confess about her cosmetic and plastic surgery experiences when the media and people began asking her about it. The actress hasn’t gone into details though. She has said that her concerns are about the output rather than injecting silicone in her body parts, that’s why she isn’t keen on plastic surgeries. But this statement seems to be untrue. Since the history of Jenny McCarthy plastic surgeries is stealing public attention and becoming a trend in social media, this topic is about rumours and facts connected to her surgical improvements.

What Jenny McCarthy plastic surgeries have been admitted?

You may know Jenny McCarthy as a nude model whose photos appeared in the Playboy magazine. You can also remember her from different films including Scary Movie III, Scream III. She has also acted in TV series. Tripping the Rift, Hope and Faith, Two and a Half Men, In the Motherhood are among of them.

If you saw her, you already know that this woman looks stunning despite her age. And for you to know, she is already 45 years old (she will be even 46 at the 1st of November, 2018)! Women of her age start choosing a hobby and raise grandchildren. But Jenny keeps modeling and acting and is getting married.

Jenny McCarthy after plastic surgeries
Jenny McCarthy after plastic surgeries

At the moment you read this, there has been a lot of discussions about McCarthy’s images and about the benefits of plastic surgeries which she has already used. The actress has admitted her love to regular Botox injections. She has said that she got used to injecting the minimal amount of it to prevent losing the ability to move her facial muscles.

People don’t believe that Jenny has used the Botox only as an anti-aging procedure. Jenny McCarthy Botox injections are evident, but people compare her earlier and recent photos and see that Jenny McCarthy before and after plastic surgeries looks totally different. It makes fans and critics think that she could also have had other cosmetic and plastic surgeries done which she hasn’t revealed to the public.

See who else has undergone a lot of plastic and cosmetic surgeries to hide the signs of aging ⇒ “Why does Robin McGraw deny having plastic surgery?”

What kinds of plastic surgeries has Jenny McCarthy had?

People believe that Jenny McCarthy has decided to get a boob job for the Playboy shoot in 2012.

Apart of the fact that Jenny has had several Botox injections, she has also had some other plastic and cosmetic surgeries done on her face and body which she refuses to admit:

  • face fillers (especially on her cheeks);
  • lip augmentation (the upper lip does look bigger than earlier);
  • nose job (rhinoplasty);
  • several boob jobs (breast augmentation at first, then breast reduction, and then the breast augmentation again).
Jenny McCarthy after getting nose job
Jenny McCarthy after getting the nose job

The list of Jenny McCarthy plastic surgeries

Let’s discuss every plastic surgery which Jenny has had in details:

  1. As it was said before, Jenny uses Botox in a minimal account. She mostly injects it into her forehead zone. So that is why it doesn’t have any wrinkles on it and appears natural.
  2. Jenny has also used wrinkle fillers that smooth forehead furrows, smile lines and small wrinkles in eye corners. Fillers replace lost volume and pad wrinkles. That’s how it becomes real to put the make-up on the face with fillers on it to hide all of the wrinkles.
  3. The actress has undergone the nose job. The nose becomes bigger with time and looks quite huge in one’s 40s as another sign of aging. But Jenny’s nose looks quite nice. The nose’s shape has been slightly changed. Her nose is thinner now. Some well-known plastic surgeons agreed that actress has done rhinoplasty to get a perky nasal tip. And Dr. Salzhauer has noticed that her nose now looks a little bit pinched. But there is a chance to improve this unnatural look by undergoing the secondary nose job.
  4. Since Jenny has gotten her second breast implants, her boobs are looking unnaturally round, tight and large. It’s even possible to notice all of the implant lines. The first augmentation was performed in the 1990s. And then in 2009, Jenny made a decision to enlarge her boobs.
Jenny McCarthy's breast augmentation
Jenny McCarthy’s breast augmentation

Why has Jenny McCarthy had plastic surgeries?

For what reasons were Jenny McCarthy cosmetic surgery and plastic surgeries needed? Why would such a gorgeous woman want to enhance her look and to change some of her facial features and body parts? We found some suggestions which were made by her fans. Some of the arguments canvassed are:

  1. Jenny’s age. She is already 45 years old so Botox and fillers were needed to hide some evident signs of aging. The facelift wasn’t needed yet though.
  2. Jenny’s insecurity about her body parts and facial features. Virtually all Playboy models feel insecure enough. They don’t feel confidence about their body. Since the Playboy magazine hired McCarthy for taking pictures, she decided to get breast implants to enhance the look of her boobs.
  3. Competition between Hollywood celebrities. Plastic surgery competitive attitude among famous people of Jenny’s age could have influenced on McCarthy’s decisions about getting plastic surgeries.
Jenny McCarthy's lip augmentation
Jenny McCarthy’s lip augmentation

The final word about Jenny McCarthy plastic surgeries

All of the plastic surgeries appear to have given Jenny McCarthy more unique facial appearance and facial expressions. Surgeries have given her a nicely reshaped face.  Surgeries helped to successfully remove her smile lines, wrinkles on the forehead and in the eye corners. Her new appearance has given Jenny more self-confidence which is necessary for models and actresses.

Jenny McCarthy's plastic surgeries
Jenny McCarthy’s plastic surgeries

All of her plastic surgeries weren’t exaggerated. She saved her individuality and flawless skin. So this is probably a good example for some other famous women. The only thing that went wrong was her boob job. She had a breast enlarging procedure, then she decided to have a breast reduction. But Jenny realized later that her image is incomplete without big and tight breasts so she went from a C cup size to a D-cup again. Some people say her breasts now are too round and unnaturally big. But we think she had to do it since her skin is sagging with time.

Some critics claim that too much Botox combined with too much filler have left Jenny’s face looking overdone and oddly. They also say that her forehead appears too long and flat now because of her round cheeks.

So the final word is that Jenny McCarthy looks better now than before her plastic surgeries. We suppose that later she will need to have a facelift. Time will show us the result.

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