Jennifer Lawrence small plastic surgery touch ups

Jennifer Lawrence is a very popular American actress. She is a constant feature at the Golden Globes and Oscars, having won the Best Actress Academy Award. Lawrence also becomes an “it girl”, as she is the face of various fashion and beauty lines. She began her career in 2006. Now she is always among the biggest stars so everything she changes in her image is turning into a big debate on forums and blogs around the internet. Today a lot of people think she used plastic surgery to gain more confidence. When we look at her before and after images, we may not see any distinction between Jennifer’s face and present shape. But rumors about Lawrence’s plastic surgery gets louder when people see her without having any cosmetics on. So this title is about Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery.

Did Jennifer Lawrence have plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has become a new trend for most public figures. There are a lot of ways to look stunning by using modern cosmetics like highlighters and “sculptors”. Cleverly applied makeup can hide shortcomings and emphasize beautiful facial features. Even though famous people prefer to modify their natural look. They are probably tired of paparazzi chasing them for making embarrassing photos.

Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery
Jennifer Lawrence without makeup

Beautiful appearance is now the biggest asset for actresses, singers, and models, especially for those of them who didn’t look that great in past. Jennifer Lawrence is a very talented person who’s appearance doesn’t allow to consider her as a beauty icon. Many people admitted that she needed to correct some of her imperfections. Probably that’s why she decided to get closer to traditional beauty as people see it. Judging from the comparison between her before and after pictures, there are indeed a few beauty enhancements on her face. Lawrence is a very popular actress today so it’s not surprising to know that fans are paying attention to her image and coming up with Jennifer plastic surgery.

Jennifer Lawrence nose job

Jennifer Lawrence nose job
Jennifer Lawrence nose job

The first change that is believed as the result of plastic surgery is Jennifer’s nose. It does look different now. People believe that she made friends with the scalpel because her nose looks more pointed at the tip and thinner as if the nasal bridge has been narrowed. Such changes wouldn’t arise by themselves. And if this was just the effect of makeup, the change won’t be permanent.

Jennifer Lawrence before and after rhinoplasty
Jennifer Lawrence before and after rhinoplasty

Lawrence has actually admitted that she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty). Jennifer claims that she needed it to correct a deviated septum (the partition “wall” that separates 2 nasal cavities). So there’s at least one modification she has agreed with. However, Jennifer Lawrence nose job looks great. Now we can see her nose has been subtly refined so it has more defined and elegant shape than before. Her old nose looked more bulbous. Her nose now sits well balanced with the rest of her facial features.

Jennifer Lawrence eyelid surgery

The second change that makes us think about the speculation about plastic surgery is Jennifer’s eyes. They do look wider-opened than before. It could be an eyelid surgery which is medically called as blepharoplasty. But that seems unlikely, seeing as Jennifer’s feline eyes are one of her best and well-recognized features.


Jennifer Lawrence lip augmentation

Jennifer’s latest roles require this actress to be more expressive on screen. She is being a leading female role in movies so this is a natural requirement of having more expressions. Jennifer didn’t have puffed up lips though such lips are deemed to be sexy nowadays. Today we can see that Lawrence’s lips look fuller, plus there is a wider smile recently. That means that Jennifer used lip fillers. And it’s also obvious that she had her upper lip “snipped” to have a wider smile.

Jennifer Lawrence before and after lip augmentation
Jennifer Lawrence before and after lip augmentation

Lawrence’s lips do seem to look fuller in some photos but it is as possible that she had the surgery as it is that she did not. If Jennifer did have lips done, it is just a subtle enhancement meant to balance rather than radically change her pout. We consider that a plastic surgeon did some light cut on her upper lip.

Jennifer Lawrence boob augmentation or implants

The third thing that makes us wonder about plastic surgery is Jennifer’s breast size. Her breasts look fuller and bigger than before. It actually could be the push-up bra but breast’s new lines suspect that Lawrence has undergone boob job (breast augmentation or breast implants).

Jennifer Lawrence before and after boob job
Jennifer Lawrence before and after the boob job

Her boobs now fill the necklines of her dresses so much better, that’s why Jennifer is flaunting them with more revealing dresses.

Jennifer Lawrence Botox treatments

Some people and plastic surgeons say that Jennifer is an active user of Botox injections. But it seems unlikely that she would feel the need for face lifting this early in her twenties.

Jennifer Lawrence Botox
Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t need Botox

The rumor’s truth of Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery is still debated among her fans and plastic surgeons. Her plastic surgery demonstrates that this actress knows about the importance of not to exaggerate in using plastic surgery procedures. Probably she is telling the truth about having just one plastic surgery at the career. Either way, Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful and successful woman who deserves positive attention.

Jennifer Lawrence before plastic surgery
Jennifer Lawrence at school time
Jennifer Lawrence after plastic surgery
Jennifer Lawrence after plastic surgery

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