Jen Selter plastic surgery: ugly duckling turned into a gym bunny

Marvelous beauty Jen Selter – model with magnificent forms. Elastic buttocks fascinate with its exciting curves. But more recently she had a perfect ass, and in 2014 she posted the photos to Instagram. The photos show Jen Selter plastic surgery.


Jennifer (Jen) Selter was born on 8 August 1993 in the U.S. state of New York city, long island, in a family with Jewish roots. She has a mother Waldman Jill shelter Weinstein and a sister Stephanie.

In school in Roslyn Jennifer decided on her first cosmetic procedure to change the shape of the nose. After school, Jennifer began to actively attend the gym, where she became interested in yoga and fitness.

Model with magnificent forms
Model with magnificent forms

Jennifer Selter career:

  • Jennifer attained popularity in social networks for private lessons of fitness, figure and pretty face. At the beginning of 2014 her page in Instagram was signed by 1.3 million people (page opened only in March 2012), more than 500 thousand fans on Facebook and more than a hundred thousand users on Twitter. At the beginning of 2017, these figures increased significantly: 8.7 million on Facebook, 10.4 million on Instagram, and more than 1 million on Twitter.
  • Jennifer participated in the filming on the covers of magazines: Vanity Fair, Maxim, Men’s Health, Playboy, Elle, FHM, Muscle & Fitness.
  • Center is the official representative of the company Game Plan Nutrition, NY20. She cooperates with New Balance Lululemon Nike, as well as with the sports company the Legacy Agency.
  • In 2014, Jennifer participated in the TV program “Access Hollywood” as a fitness instructor. After that, she participated in the TV show “Bethenny” and on the radio “Boomer and Carton”
  • In February 2014, Selter has become an official representative of the company of goods for fitness “Cirrus”.
  • In the same year, Jennifer was a fitness instructor in the TV show “the view”. Jen with leading S. shepherd, B. Goldberg, B. Walters, D. McCarthy, and J. K. Rowling. O’Connell introduced everyone to her training facility live.
  • Salter is a sports product “FitMiss” and pharmaceutical company “MusclePharm”.
  • In 2016 she participated in the TV show “Beyond the Tank”.


Interesting facts about Jen shelter:

  •  From Jennifer in social networks among the subscribers, there are celebrities. For example, the basketball player A.’e Stoudemire might, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc
  • American model-pitoresca Selter lives and works in New York.
  • Jennifer appears in selfies and photos with the world sports stars, who perform together squats: Dwight Howard and Bethenny Frankel.
  • Photo Jen on Instagram easily gaining for a short period of time 80,000 likes.
  • 24-year-old Celter is preparing to release his first line of sportswear.
  • The star dreams of soon opening personal fitness centers, she also wants to develop a collection of fitness equipment for sports.
  • Jennifer is primarily interested in sports, but not money.
  • Jen was feeling slim girl only when she started to grow her ass.
  • Many fans Selter believe that buttocks pitoreske not real.
  • Recently, the mother of Jennifer Selter celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. The girl left under the photo of her mother words, of which it is obvious that the main motivation in the sports career is her mother.
  • Jennifer Celter does not like to attend large public gyms for training. She doesn’t like it when fans look at her life. Jennifer pays no attention to criticism in his address, continues to improve its shape and appearance.

Jen Selter plastic surgery:

On the first photo, Jennifer is very noticeable features of the Jewish origin: the forehead, nose, ears, chin. In the school years, the girl had never enjoyed popularity among peers. She was the ugly duckling. Classmates taunted her ugly nose and slightly full-bodied.

The first plastic surgery was done by Selter in school time. The girl had the rhinoplasty-surgical correction of congenital or acquired defects of the nose. The future model narrowed the tip of the nose and removed the hump in the bridge of the nose. If you compare two photos before and after, you might be surprised, because these two pictures are completely different. After surgery, the face acquired delicate features.

The future model narrowed the tip of the nose and removed the hump in the bridge of the nose
The future model narrowed the tip of the nose and removed the hump in the bridge of the nose

Fans believe that Selter continued to improve her body. In addition to regular physical exercises for the buttocks, Jennifer has had plastic surgery. The model herself categorically refutes these rumors, writing off all results for long and persistent training in the gym. However, in the image significantly change the buttocks become more rounded and elongated.

Jen Selter plastic surgery
Jen Selter plastic surgery

Jennifer claims that any girl can achieve such seductive forms if it is to exercise regularly. The main condition, which adheres to Celter-balanced diet, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The approximate menu of the sports star looks like this:

  •  For Breakfast: toast and egg whites or oatmeal with fresh juice.
  • For lunch: a large salad plate.
  • Snack: protein drink between meals
  • Dinner: fried chicken with macaroni products made from solid sorts of wheat and vegetable mixture.

Star loves to eat chocolate and sushi but avoids the use of processed foods.