Has Ivanka Trump undergone breast augmentation (boob job)?

Ivana Marie “Ivanka” Trump was born on October 30th, 1981 in Manhattan, New York, United States of America. Ivanka is that how she was called by parents when she was a child (it was her nickname, a diminutive form of Ivana). Ivana is the first daughter of the real estate billionaire and American President Donald Trump. She is a successful former fashion model, writer, businesswoman, advisor to the President of the US and a wife of Jared Kushner. Ivana is now 36 and she is a mother of 3 children. Although this lady is working in the White House and is advising to President since 2006 everybody discuss Ivanka Trump boob job. This topic is very popular since she shocked everyone with her new look.

Ivanka Trump boob job rumors

For Ivana, all of the gossips and rumors began to come out when she appeared on the public having much bigger and rounder boobs. But when you look at her before and after photos, you can’t avoid saying about the boob job – seeing Ivanka’s comparison pics you can judge freely what happened to her breasts.

Sources quoting the enterpreneur says that Ivanka felt it was a personal decision to enhance something that she had to.

Ivanka Trump is an American Princess
Ivanka Trump is an American Princess

Some people would say that her age affects her body parts. But her boob job is too hard to deny. Many believe that Ivana has improved her breasts with the help of experienced and expensive plastic surgeon. It should be breast implants and not the smaller ones. Experts tend to agree that after careful review, looking closely at Ivanka’s pictures would seem to indicate that she has had a breast enhancement.

When did people notice Ivanka Trump boob job

Ivanka Trump's new breasts
Ivanka Trump’s new breasts

The photo you see above was captured at Hollywood on October 29th, 2006. All of the rumors that were said before turned to be true. When she appeared on the public this time, people saw her juicy breasts.

Celebrities were shocked at 64th Golden Globe when Ivanka came with some golden globes of her own! To each her own, but most of the people had a thought that her breasts are too large for her frame.

Ivanka Trump has gotten breast augmentation
Ivanka Trump has gotten breast augmentation

Does Ivanka Trump wear a push-up bra?

Ivanka Trump's boobs look perfect and it's not because of Push Up bra
Ivanka Trump’s boobs look perfect and it’s not because of Push Up Bra

Could Ivanka’s breasts look bigger due to the clever use of push up bra? If we pay attention to her early and recent pictures, we notice that push up bras aren’t contributing much to her boob size. Ivana’s boobs look perfectly set in their individual positions with a natural protrusion and push up bra generally cause the breasts to come together at the center.

Ivanka Trump has undergone breast augmentation

Like Melania Trump, Ivanka also underwent breast augmentation to enlarge her boobs, so now she has 36D bra size.

Ivanka Trump before and after boob job
Ivanka Trump before and after the boob job

The bosom seems to be the most important feature of every lady’s body. A curvy body with a set of juicy breasts is the desire of every woman. Having large, full and tight boobs will give an extra confidence to any famous person. Ivanka has naturally good sized breasts but it seems like she didn’t think it was enough for her. She is a public person who is always in front of cameras so she wants to look great from all angles.

Ivanka Trump before and after breast augmentation
Ivanka Trump before and after breast augmentation

Ivanka used to have a flatter chest and smaller breasts. Probably a cup B at the most. But her recent appearances show that she has upsized her boobs somewhat. Yes, Ivanka does look more beautiful but her fans, haters, and watchers all know that this isn’t her natural beauty.

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Ivanka Trump breast augmentation results

In another interview with Howard Stern, Donald Trump described his daughter Ivana as voluptuous. Later he said that he would perhaps date her, if she wasn’t his daughter.

Getting Ivanka’s body enhancements was the right decision to take since she looks even more stunning than when Ivanka did during her modeling times. The overall agreement is that Ivana has enhanced, although opinion may be varied among pundits.

Ivanka Trump breast enlarging
Ivanka Trump breast enlarging

Ivana’s boobs look rounded and bigger today. Her breast size now appears twice bigger than before. That is why Ivanka looks hot and sexy in every appearance. She has done plastic surgery successfully if we forget about the size of her breasts. They are probably too large for her slim body. But there is no doubt in getting plastic surgery – the change is unbelievable and if it was natural, it wouldn’t look as big as what we can see today.

A final word about Ivanka Trump boob job

Since Ivanka Trump is a former fashion model, she knows how to take care of her great looks. And she has money for visiting beauty saloons every single day, many stylists are working on her hairstyle and makeup before she goes to the public. Since her father has won the Presidency Elections, looking perfect is even more important for her.

Ivanka Trump after plastic surgery
Ivanka Trump after plastic surgery

All discussions about Ivanka’s plastic surgeries are still speculations until the moment she makes a statement and admits making friends with the scalpel. But since we are sure now that she has undergone breast implantation, we should admit that her plastic surgeon has done a great job.

Ivanka Trump and her breasts implants
Ivanka Trump and her breasts implants

Not every super rich famous person finds the experienced plastic surgeon, but as for Donald Trump’s daughter, she might have discovered someone who can perform the procedures skilfully without going overboard. We can see that Ivanka’s plastic surgeries haven’t gone wrong – every facial feature looks balanced on her face. As for breasts, they look too big but not too tight. Maybe all Ivanka has changed is her nose and breasts, but the latter are so obviously fake, it makes you wonder about the whole package.