Gabrielle Union’s plastic surgery has enhanced her look

Gabrielle Union is a well-known American actress who’s career started in the 1990s. Now she is 45 years old. You may know her as a wife of Dwyane Wade (All-star basketball player). Since Gabrielle is always under attention, people notice every little change in her image immediately. And the plastic surgery is a popular subject for discussions. So since Gabrielle isn’t that young anymore and signs of aging are starting to creep in, fans and watchers make allegations about Union’s undergoing plastic surgeries. They think that cheek implants and nose job were done recently to enhance her look. So let’s talk about Gabrielle Union plastic surgery today. The topic of becoming a keen of plastic surgery is one of her latest challenges.

Are Gabrielle Union’s nose job just rumours?

Gabrielle Union was a black girl in an all white community so she grew up with the perspective that only blonde women are beautiful. That’s why Gabrielle dyed her hair blond in 2013.

Some Gabrielle Union’s fans and watchers say that they noticed a difference between her nose showed on earlier pictures and latest images. We are sure that Gabrielle Union before and now is quite the same besides she is now more experienced in make-up. Sure, the newest images of actress show us some enhancement of Gabrielle’s facial features. But did Gabrielle Union get a nose job? No. She hasn’t undergone rhinoplasty. Her nose shape hasn’t changed at all. Her nose probably looks a bit thinner and pointed because of highlighter used on her. Maybe it’s a result of better-trimmed eyebrows. Ready? We were wrong. Gabrielle Union did get a nose job recently since she wasn’t confident enough with her wide nose before.

Gabrielle Union then and now
Gabrielle Union then and now

Now Gabrielle Union new face looks quite perfect. Can you imagine how professional her surgeon was? His work isn’t even noticeable but gives a woman extra self-confidence. Many fans and top plastic surgeons have praised her decision to get a rhinoplasty. Since this surgery enhanced her self-esteem, probably she will focus on acting now and have great results.

Here’s another article about American African actress who has had nose job ⇒ “Was Meagan Good plastic surgery done for good?”

Gabrielle Union’s cheek implants are imaginary

Since Gabrielle Union posted new photos of her in Instagram in 2016, people never stop saying she has gotten plastic surgery.

In the photo, Gabrielle Union has posted (you can see it below) her smile, cheeks, and nose look the same. We found a few pictures on the internet which are the same as this one but with Gabrielle Union’s nose looking sharper. So those photos are photoshopped! I mean, nose job hasn’t changed her face too much.

Gabrielle Union nose job
Gabrielle Union nose job

There is no evidence that Gabrielle Union has gotten cheek implants. The actress looks natural and nothing tells about such kind of plastic surgery. Some of her fans think different though. They swear that there was a change somewhere in between 2003 and 2016 so her cheeks look upper now. Come on, those pretty cheeks have remained the same after so many years! What cheek implants are you talking about? People probably think Gabrielle Union’s cheeks had to go down as a sign of aging and so actress had to use cheek implantation for us to not notice that she is getting old. But… isn’t it ridiculous?

Gabrielle Union cheek fillers
Gabrielle Union cheek fillers

We have one another assumption though. Gabrielle’s nose bridge might look narrower for some people because of optical illusion. The actress started to make her eyebrows thicker those times that’s why nose bridge looks narrower on the contrary. If we look at her old and new pictures once more and observe her nose bridge again, we will clearly see that it is of the same width.

Gabrielle Union’s plastic surgery is beneficial to her acting career

Union has been working in the modeling world as well as in the entertainment industry. Both fields refer to industries where personality and attractive appearance matter a lot. So getting plastic surgery procedures is always a risk for models and actresses. Cause if something goes wrong they can appear outside of the scene. But for Gabrielle Union rhinoplasty went great. It’s really difficult for us to detect that she actually had a surgery on her face. Thanks to her experienced plastic surgeon, she looks great. There are no sings of plastic surgery on her face. Gabrielle Union face looks awesome, it actually looks better than when she was acting in 10 Things I Hate About You movie.

Gabrielle Union before and after nose job
Gabrielle Union before and after nose job

The final word about Gabrielle Union plastic surgery

Did Gabrielle Union have plastic surgery which seemed to be cardinal? We don’t think so. She has managed to keep all of the aging signs at bay. She probably just has good genes. In addition, African American women get old slower than white women, I mean they get aging signs a bit later. So all of the fans’ statements about Gabrielle Union Botox are not true.

Gabrielle Union Botox
Gabrielle Union Botox

As for the surgeries that just helped her to keep her beauty, some people say that procedures were necessary to others they were not. Since the actress became more confident in her beauty she might also become even better actress and model. Gabrielle Union net worth is $16 million. And the surgery will bring her even more money since she gets new movie roles.

Gabrielle Union facelift
Gabrielle Union facelift
Gabrielle Union before and after plastic surgery
Gabrielle Union before and after plastic surgery

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