Did Emma Watson have nose job

Emma Watson is a popular actress and model. She is now 28 years old. Emma was born in Paris but when she was 5 y.o. her parents divorced. So that’s how she relocated to Britain to live with her mother. When she was 6 y.o. Emma was taken to Stagecoach Theater Arts. That’s where actress discovered her acting talent and got her first instructions about acting. But Emma got her first role at the age of 9 y.o. You don’t need a hint to remember about her role in the films of Harry Potter. Hermione Granger made Emma famous. If you are a Harry Potter fan from the beginning, then you have seen Emma growing into the gorgeous young lady that she’s today. Many years have left and Emma Watson became an adult. And now fans and celebrity watchers noticed that her nose has changed a little bit. Speculations are still rife on the internet with fans comparing pictures that were taken before and after Emma Watson had the alleged nose job done. So let’s talk about Emma Watson nose job rumours.

Emma Watson denies having any nose job done

Fans of Watson are sure she has had a nose job (Rhinoplasty) done on her. Celebrity watchers claim that we can notice this from the cleaner appearance of the cartilage of her nose. Nobody talked about it before cause there was nothing to discuss. Changes in her nose were sudden which indicates that the rhinoplasty had place. And it was definitely an experienced surgeon who modified her nose. Emma Watson says that she has never undergone any type of plastic surgery.

Emma Watson plastic surgery
Emma Watson plastic surgery

When different rumours about Emma’s nose job had the place, she admitted that she felt insecure about the way she looks. But then the actress said that plastic surgeries will never be the option for her. Watson also says that there is no improvement that a drastic change in the way her nose looks although there have been enough of speculation about the Rhinoplasty.

Emma Watson then and now
Emma Watson then and now

We have to admit that earlier and current pictures of Emma Watson show that she has worked super hard on her make-up skills. So she knows how to beautify and enhance the look of her face and nose in particular by using cosmetics. The actress admits that she knows how to make her nose look thinner now using different makeup techniques.

Emma Watson nose job (Rhinoplasty)

A lot of famous women and men undergo a nose job in hope of a narrower nose bridge and a sharper nose tip.

If there were any plastic surgeries on Emma’s face then it’s definitely her nose that was modified. She actress first appeared in Harry Potter franchise, her nose quite bulbous and wide. Her nose tip has grown from slightly bulbous to rather sharp. But, as Emma grew up, fans noticed a change in the nose.

Emma Watson before and after
Emma Watson before and after

If we look at Emma Watson before and after possible rhinoplasty, we can see the way her nose transformed. The nose could change in a worse way but no – Emma’s nose became more elegant and thin. For sure, if Emma stayed with her natural nose, she would never look as sexy and attractive as she looks now. Since Watson’s nose look excellent now, we hope that Emma doesn’t have any plans about surgeries in that case. Many celebrities undergo Rhinoplasty due to necessity or due to vanity but Emma Watson is always saying that plastic surgery isn’t for her. Probably she is just afraid of trying to enhance her beauty by going under the scalpel.

Emma Watson at early times and now
Emma Watson at early times and now

A final word on Emma Watson’s nose job

Watson is one of the most beautiful actresses today.  It’s no wonder a lot of people look up to her. There is a chance that people noticed changes in Emma’s nose because she started acting while a child. Fans are comparing the latest photos of Watson to her images that were taken when her body and face were still developing. Not only plastic surgeries can change the look of the nose but also time, especially during puberty and adult development. Changes can be explained that it’s not only Emma’s nose that has changed but her entire body. For ladies, the nose shape generally sets in only at about age eighteen.

Changes in Emma Watson during years
Changes in Emma Watson during years

What plastic surgeries Emma Watson actually did

Besides rumours about Watson’s possible nose job, there are some other suggestions about her beauty enhances. In different newspapers and fashion magazines we can see some statements about such surgeries as:

  • boob job (breasts implants – if Emma decided to enlarge her breasts she would probably choose a little bit bigger implants than what fans see on her now);
  • double eyelid surgery (why would she get something she already has by going under the scalpel?).

We think it’s ridiculous to think about the actress having those 2 plastic surgery procedures. Her breasts just grew up during puberty and her eyelids were already good. It’s as ridiculous as claiming about Emma doing Botox injections in her 20s.

Emma Watson has never had plastic surgery
Emma Watson has never had plastic surgery

Acting salary of Emma Watson alone at some point earned her $15-20 million annually. When she isn’t acting, Emma is in fashion modeling. So whatever decision she makes it might be aimed at enhancing her career goal. So even if she decides to get plastic surgery in the future to look younger or whatever it will be for sure a weighted decision. However, there is no reason why she would undergo a plastic surgery. She said she doesn’t need any changes and wants to be all natural, why would we think she changed her mind about plastic surgery?

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