Does Bella Poarch have plastic surgery – what is known about it

Bella Poarch is an ordinary Filipino girl who spends a lot of time on the Internet in her life. But in August 2020, her life literally changed 100%, as a sweet girl recorded a hilarious hilarious video for the song Millie B in tiktok. She literally won millions of viewers around the world, who in a matter of hours subscribed to her channel in the amount of 2 million people! Such a crazy breakthrough and not dreamed of any other fans to get their portion of fame on the Internet!

Stages of biography

Bella was born back in 2001 in the Philippines and from an early age showed her artistic abilities to the fullest. The unusual, rather bright appearance of an Asian woman, an interesting sense of humor, as well as incredible charisma and charm became the real advantages of the young lady.

The girl did quite well at school, was engaged in dance and choreography, and in 2017 she graduated from school with good grades. Then, life forced her to undergo all-round combat training in the ranks of the American army, but she was fascinated by the opportunity to create very short funny videos in tik-tok, which became her real life friend. But at first the case turned out to be hopeless, although then the girl recorded a viral video and her channel soared in popularity to the skies.

Career of a girl in tiktok

Bella understood the benefits of the tik-tok app quite well and decided to monetize it. However, it can not be said that the whole thing got better very quickly, until the girl still did not catch the right thing to be on the wave. It turned out that the key to success is a mixture of innocence, natural beauty, wild charm and a little time, it is important to use it so that the audience believes in it.

The viral video became known absolutely everywhere and reached a huge mark of 500 million views, which is a giant figure. Bella continued to nod her head live to other songs, but they were not so successful, although it is known that she has up to 10 million rubles a month. Isn’t that nice for a 20 – year-old girl? In addition, Bella’s Instagram is also developing, there are several million subscribers from different parts of the world.

Personal life, what is known about it

The personal life of a beautiful woman should be very interesting, but we do not know anything about this, because the young Filipina does not tell anyone about it, because she rightly assumes that no one is interested in it. Information leaks out that in 2020, she broke up with her beloved young man and suffers greatly, although she is supported by her family, who always wishes her only the best.

Instagram and other social networks also do not give a clear answer to this question, which is very important. In one of the photos, she is depicted together with the beauty blogger James Charles, but this does not mean anything, since this young man has an unconventional orientation. Otherwise, the girl writes to everyone that she is engaged in a purely favorite thing, which is very important for her!

Interesting facts about the girl

There are several interesting facts about Bella’s biography. First, there is a tattoo of the rising sun on the girl’s arm, which greatly offends the citizens of Korea and is generally considered deeply offensive to the inhabitants of this country. Now the girl wants to delete it.

Another interesting fact about life is that while serving in the US Army, she was a great sniper and managed to kill 5 people, which was a real shock for her fans, because her image does not fit with the image of the forget-me-not girl. In addition, Bella’s body is literally covered with all sorts of tattoos that have different meanings. The girl says that she was abused, has many scars and uses them to achieve a beautiful appearance. The meaning of many of them is not entirely clear to users.

Whether she had plastic surgery

As we can see before the plastic surgery, the photo of a young girl looked completely different. For popularity in tik-tok, she had to make several important transformations at once. So, for starters, Bella lost about 23 kg, becoming a petite brunette. Then, in addition to everything else, she performed a serious rhinoplasty, reduced the wings of the nose, adding beauty to it and removing some natural flaws. Also, the girl pumped up her lips, making them plumper, increased the incision of the eyes, which makes us understand that the intervention of plastic surgeons is quite serious.

Many operations in a short period of time literally changed the girl beyond recognition, who felt as confident and relaxed as possible, which was important for her. Now she is a real model for many teenage teenagers who want to become real millionaires in their tik-toks. During her career on the Internet, Bella has tried a huge number of available images, but always wants to show her femininity. Until 2019, she was a supporter of the military style, then she changed the direction of development in the other direction and began to delight her subscribers even with elements of small eroticism