Demi Lovato plastic surgery history: an improvement for a young star

Demi Lovato is one of the biggest names on social media. She is a multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, actress, advocate, businesswoman and philanthropist. She is constantly on our television screen today. Demi is a young and very successful woman. She has won a lot of awards. It’s obviously that Demi Lovato has to always look awesome to keep up with other celebrities and to not lose her place under the sun. Probably that’s why people always pay attention to all of the small changes in her appearance trying to find a sign of plastic surgery. So we found 3 areas which actually deserve closer looks. So let’s find out if Demi Lovato plastic surgery is true or just a rumour.

Rumours about Demi Lovato plastic surgery

Though Demi Lovato has always had a good looking body, people wonder if the changes that appeared recently are the result of plastic surgery procedures. At the summer of 2017 Demi’s abdominal muscles, chest and waist looked great, thanks to exercises and dieting. But this was not always a case, as you will see later.

Demi Lovato after losing weight
Demi Lovato after losing weight

As Demi was changing her style from Disney to a punk princess, her body parts and facial features were also changing a great deal. If you look at her earlier and recent pictures, you can notice some changes that just can not be refered to the aging process. So that is why fans and critics believe she has had a few plastic surgeries to enhance her look. Singer doesn’t care much though and doesn’t admit any allegations about the possible surgery.

Did Demi Lovato have plastic surgery?

Day in and day out more and more people jump on the list with new additions and adjustments. A keen look at Demi’s latest photos shows significant changes in her facial features that can’t be attributed to natural aging.

Demi Lovato then and now
Demi Lovato then and now

Of course, Demi has had some body growth changes. But we can also notice that there was a great shift in her facial appearance. Some of those changes can’t be a part of adulthood. Celebrity watchers and fans wonder if Lovato is hiding the truth about making friends with the scalpel. We are sure that her plastic surgeries aren’t just a rumour. You can see the top list of our suspicions below. Here are some of the suspected procedures:

  • breast implantation (breast augmentation, boob job);
  • nose job or rhinoplasty;
  • lip filler injections;
  • chin implantation.

Demi Lovato Nose Job (rhinoplasty)

First of all, we should pay attention to Demi Lovato’s nose. There is a big evident difference between the nose she had earlier and the nose she has now. It can’t be just growth since the form and shape were modified. Earlier, it was more of a round globe shape, and today we see the perfect symmetrical nose on her face. We can make sure if we are right or not by watching Demi’s music video titled Neon Lights. Her face is the main focus there, especially from a side view. After watching the video nobody can deny that her nose looks totally different today. So that’s where we suspect that Demi Lovato nose job has had the place.

Demi Lovato nose job
Demi Lovato nose job

Recent images of Demi show us more pointed and narrow nose. Earlier photos of Lovato let us know the nose was looking more rounded in shape.

Though her nose job isn’t much of a secret since it’s obvious that she has had it, Demi denies getting any kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery. She claims her nose is her nose and that it has always been like that. A singer is fooling us though.

Demi Lovato lip filler injections

Photos of the singer which were made a few years ago show her with much smaller lips. So people believe she has gotten some lip fillers. Some fans say she looked better with her natural lips but fuller and bigger lips make her look more adult and sexy.

Demi Lovato lip fillers
Demi Lovato lip fillers

Interested in lip filler? Then you might also like another article ⇒ “Anushka Sharma plastic surgery disaster controversy exposed”.

Did Demi Lovato get chin implants?

According to some sources, Lovato has been thinking about getting the chin implant to enhance her face shape. She has always wanted to have a more “American” face. As we all know, Ashlee Simpson has already had such plastic surgery to make her face less round. And so now Lovato has been playing with the same idea of creating a more sophisticated silhouette of her face.

We thought she has probably needed to remove her double chin after getting weight. Her weight loos in 2015 was more than 30 pounds so there could be some sagging skin. But it’s just a thought, and there is no proof the problem has had a place.

Demi Lovato before losing weight
Demi Lovato before losing weight

Since slimming down Demi’s double chin has disappeared. Now we can see the chin dimple which looks quite cute. Getting fat in past was connected to Lovato’s struggling with eating disorders. Demi was suffering from bulimia but then she was working out and dieting.

Demi Lovato before dieting and working out
Demi Lovato before dieting and working out

There is no confirmation whether Demi has gone ahead with the plan of getting chin implants. Let’s just hope it won’t be another botched plastic surgery.

Demi Lovato’s breast implants

The boob job is one of the common trends among famous people. Rumours about Demi Lovato breast implants are yet to be confirmed. Lovato has been already caught in a bikini top that certainly shows us bigger breast size. She claims it’s a part of natural growth. But Demi didn’t have anything like that even at a time she was fat. Still, we can’t prove she has had anything like breasts enlarging procedure so it could be from natural weight gain.

Demi Lovato's new look
Demi Lovato’s new look

In some images, there is an evidence of Demi Lovato boob job taking place. It can be the effect of wearing a push-up bra though. Demi could also resort to using duct tape to improve the shape of their breasts.

If Demi did get the boob job, the implants were not very large ones. We think that all of the breast implants rumours are just rumours and nothing more than that. At least we haven’t found enough evidence to suggest her breasts are fake.

A final word about Demi Lovato plastic surgery

People think that Demi Lovato could probably go to some surgical improvements after losing her father and getting a traumatic experience.

We remember how Demi Lovato appeared in the limelight first time. She was like a pretty Disney princess acting in nice kind movies. Then we saw her as a judge on the X Factor show. And then she transformed into a punk princess. She shaved one side of her head and started wearing rocking black leather outfits.

If Lovato has had some kind of plastic surgery, she really did find some experienced surgeon. We can barely see the changes and Demi looks natural. Lovato’s bottom-line looks great now so if it’s a result of plastic surgery then it helped her to look a little bit more beautiful.

What we can say for sure is that Lovato doesn’t need Botox injections yet. There are no signs of using Botox and since she is very young there is no need for such methods. Quite some time will pass before needing anti-aging procedures.

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