Did Cher go overboard with her plastic surgery?

Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian) is the greatest Pop singer, songwriter and fashion designer. She was born in California on May 20th, 1946. She has become famous after the song “I got you Babe” got released in 1965. Cher has been popular for decades. People nicknamed her Goddess of Pop. Cher had an acting career too. She appeared in several movies like Coma Back to the Five and Jimmy Dean in 1982. She has also earned an Oscar for the best actress in film Moonstruck. The singer has 2 children. Cher’s net worth is $305 million. Cher got used to wearing unusual outfits and daring costumes so she had to preserve her youthful-looking body. And the entertainment industry required to have an attractive face as well. So singer has gotten even more fame for Cher plastic surgery since she has undergone too many procedures during her career.

Has Cher undergone plastic surgery too much?

Cher before plastic surgeries
Cher before plastic surgeries

Cher’s eldest child has undergone a gender transition surgery. Her daughter Chastity Bono was transformed to a male by the name Chaz.

Do you want to know about Bruce Jenner who has undergone  transgender plastic surgery and has transformed into a woman? Read about this here ⇒ “How does Bruce Jenner look before and after plastic surgery?”

Has Cher had plastic surgery? It is evident that she has undergone several cosmetic and plastic surgeries. And if we look at Cher’s earlier and recent pictures, we realize that she had gone overboard with her plastic surgeries. Her entire body and face look different than they used to appear before, regardless of time lapse.

Cher has had a plastic surgery which supposed to enhance the shape of her waist. She has removed her rib.

The only excuse for Cher is that she does live a full life. She isn’t an old lady who is knitting and drinking tea. Cher is an energetic woman who keeps singing and keeping up with other celebrities. She is working out so she can do a 5-minute plank. Cher is even dating a comedian writer Ron Zimmerman in her 71!

Cher then and now
Cher then and now

Breasts lifting and augmentation of Cher

Since Cher is also known for her extraordinary images, she has to always look attractive. And it’s not about her face only. She is wearing tight clothes and likes to wear costumes which were made of semitransparent materials. That means her body has to look attractive too. She has decided to undergone breast augmentation.

Cher before breast augmentation
Cher before breast augmentation
Cher after breast augmentation
Cher after breast augmentation

According to Cher, she has done that to face the pressure of the entertainment industry which requires hot looks from celebrities. We believe it wasn’t necessary to enlarge breasts since Cher is 71. This procedure has made her breasts tight and round but it doesn’t look natural at all. But if Cher’s goal was to look younger than most of the women of her age, then she has achieved what she wanted.

There is another article about an aged famous woman who has undergone many plastic surgeries to preserve her youthful look ⇒ “Why does Robin McGraw deny having plastic surgery?”

Cher’s nose job (rhinoplasty)

If look at Cher before plastic surgery, we can notice that her nose had the totally different look than it has now. It looked large and a bit bulbous before. Plus, signs of aging include an extension of the nose. It becomes wider with time. As for Cher’s facial feature, we don’t see an extension. More than that, her nose’s shape has changed a great deal.

Cher before and after nose job
Cher before and after nose job

So isn’t that a proof of Cher’s undergoing rhinoplasty? This surgical procedure is also known as a nose job. When placed in the context of how beauty is defined in Hollywood, her choices of surgeries were objective. She has requested for a narrower nose bridge, for a bit pointed tip and a smaller size.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) of Cher

Cher before and after eyelid surgery
Cher before and after eyelid surgery

Another surgery procedure that has been done on Cher’s face is blepharoplasty. It’s better known as an eyelid surgery. When one decided to undergo this procedure, a surgeon cuts off sagging skin on the upper or/and lower eyelid. That’s how Cher preserved her eyes wide-opened, large-looking and ‘almond’ shaped.

Cher’s Botox injections and facelift

Cher’s face wouldn’t look so tight and stretched without facelift she had undergone. It’s evident that woman of her age needs to get rid of sagging skin. Cher doesn’t have visible wrinkles, emotional lines or small wrinkles in the corners of her eyes. Her forehead is also wrinkle-free. So that is the proof that Cher has undergone several cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

Cher is using Botox
Cher is using Botox

Her jawline looks quite unusual, and that means surgeons not only removed sagging skin and wrinkles but also worked on tightening the skin.

Cher facelift as an anti-aging procedure worked well enough for her. Though surgeons and critics find her skin too tight and overstretched. That’s why the singer doesn’t look natural anymore. Her face has changed so much that she became barely recognized. In addition, procedures have brought her brow back to its original position. Some medical experts have claimed her brows were lifted higher than before.

Cher has gotten cheek augmentation
Cher has gotten cheek augmentation

Celebrities should use Botox carefully since their faces can become unexpressive and lumpy-looking. Cher’s face is already appearing ‘frozen’. We can clearly see that Cher Botox injections aren’t used in a minimum amount. She has to inject it a lot in her age.

The final word about Cher plastic surgery

Devastating doesn’t describe how it feels when these procedures unleash a former beauty’s fear to look into the mirror for the rest of their lives. We think that people should embrace their aging instead of using all of the possible methods of enhancing their appearances. Plastic surgery can’t help to preserve youthful look forever anyway. But tries to improve one’s look surgically can lead to a total change in a person’s appearance. So that’s what happened to Cher. She was an interesting and good-looking woman in past. But then she has lost all of her amazing individuality by undergoing lots of plastic surgeries.

Cher's earlier and recent photos
Cher’s earlier and recent photos

Sure, nothing can prevent natural aging. And celebrities decide to undergo plastic surgeries to enhance their images and to keep up with young and rising stars of Hollywood. But Cher is already 71 so fans wouldn’t judge her for wrinkles and emotional lines. Cher says she neither smokes, drinks alcohol or gets drugs. So she would look just fine at her age if not undergoing plastic surgeries. But she knows that lots of fans admire her for her beauty so she will never give up with enhancing her look even after 7 more decades.

Cher has totally lost herself in plastic surgeries
Cher has totally lost herself in plastic surgeries

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