Bella Hadid changed completely after undergoing plastic surgery

Isabella Khair Hadid was born on October 9th, 1996. Her father is Mohamed Anwar Hadid, Jordanian-American real estate developer of Palestinian origin who is building luxury mansions and hotels (for example, Beverly Hills in LA), his net worth is $100-200 million. And her mother is Yolanda Foster, a well-known Dutch-American TV personality. Bella is an American model, signed to IMG Models. The industry voted her “Model of the Year” for’s Awards in 2016. Even though Bella is very young, Bella Hadid plastic surgery thread has been discussed by her watchers and fans.

Did Bella Hadid undergo a nose job?

Bella Hadid then and now
Bella Hadid then and now

Nose is one of those facial features that rarely change if something artificial isn’t inserted or injected in them. Sure, Bella herself denies to undergoing cosmetic surgery, but if we pay attention to her recent and earlier pictures, we will notice the great change in her nose without looking closely and attentively to those photos. There is no need to be attentive to see that her nose looks narrower than before and more pointed. The tip of it is much smaller than before and it looks up not down. Earlier Bella Hadid had a more Arabic look than she does now.

Bella Hadid before and after nose job
Bella Hadid before and after nose job

Some experienced plastic surgeon has definitely enhanced Bella’s nose. It is now much more attractive and it fits her face perfectly. We have no doubt that Hadid has undergone rhinoplasty (which is better know as a nose job) to get this pretty face. Thanks to her skilled plastic surgeon, she does look great now.

Bella Hadid before and after rhinoplasty
Bella Hadid before and after rhinoplasty

Does Bella Hadid use a Botox?

People say that beauty runs in the Hadid’s family and that Yolanda Foster and Gigi Hadid looked just as strange while in their teenage years.

The speculation about injecting Botox into Bella’s face has appeared among a section of her fans and media alike. People doubt she would need such a procedure since she is still 22 years old. She still has a long way to go with her career so she will have time for enhancing her look by undergoing Botox injections.

Bella Hadid has perfectly smooth skin
Bella Hadid has perfectly smooth skin

But her forehead, cheeks and nose area look smooth and in a much better shape than what Bella used to have, so that’s why such rumors appear. How does Hadid achieve that effect? She has always had money for using beauty creams and cosmetics but she has never had such a smooth skin before, so why is that? There are no wrinkles or even smile lines now.

Does Bella Hadid hide the lip augmentation?

Bella Hadid’s lips are the facial feature that amazed everybody. The contour is great, and the lips are full and sexy enough. They are very expressive as well. Bella’s lips don’t seem to have changed much. But if we take a closer look at her recent and past pictures, we will notice that there is a slight change in them. They are definitely more defined and full now, lips look a little more outlined than before. And there is nothing to do with lip liners or lipsticks. The upper lip does look different and it makes Bella’s face even more interesting.

Bella Hadid has possibly had a lip augmentation
Bella Hadid has possibly had a lip augmentation

Even some cosmetic surgeons who have the high reputation, have already joined in speculating that Hadid’s lips must have been improved with the help of a specialist. Bella has always had beautiful lips but they are even more attractive in the most recent pictures.

Here are some other articles about top models’ plastic and cosmetic surgeries that might be interesting for you to read ⇒ “Is Emily Ratajkowski showing off her tits because of a boob job?” and “Kiko Mizuhara – plastic surgery she may have done”.

Is Bella Hadid’s chin job real?

One another rumor about Bella Hadid plastic surgery is a chin job. People believe she has modified her chin because earlier Bella’s face was fuller than now. Also, the right side of her chin looked a bit longer than the left. And now Hadid’s face appears perfectly aligned, and there are no fat deposits on her face. Some fans of Bella claim that this is a growing up effect. But it’s doubtful because she is STILL very young and there is a big change that happened recently. It would be the best glow ups in the modeling industry if this was even possible.

Bella Hadid has possibly improved her chin
Bella Hadid has possibly improved her chin

A final word about Bella Hadid plastic surgery

Having a former model mother certainly helped Bella Hadid in the genes department. Along with Gigi Hadid, her sister, who is also Victoria’s Secret model, they’ve taken front covers on some top fashion magazines including Vogue, Bazaar, Elle. There’s no doubt in Bella’s beauty. Her body and facial features are a little too perfect for critics, that’s why they believe she has undergone plastic surgery. Also, being a daughter of a rich real estate developer meant that Bella could afford any kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries if she ever wanted one.

That's how Bella Hadid looks after undergoing plastic surgeries
That’s how Bella Hadid looks after undergoing plastic surgeries

Bella Hadid’s nose job isn’t a secret anymore, but as for other cosmetic surgeries, there is still a question flying in the air. Bella has never admitted to undergoing any procedures, so we can’t be sure she has gotten lip augmentation, chin job, and Botox injections. Those cosmetic surgeries are not evident like her nose job.

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