Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery Disaster Controversy Exposed

Anushka Sharma is a famous well-known actress and producer who has acted in a few successful movies. People also know her for dating the famous and handsome cricketer Virat Kohli. Since it’s hard to find a place in Bollywood and to keep up with celebrities who have been already chosen by Bollywood, new-comers have to constantly enhance their beauty and make fans’ love harder. So that’s why most of the time famous people go to specialists to get different plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Anushka Sharma plastic surgery is one of the most discussed procedures in regards to Indian actresses.

What do people say about Anushka Sharma plastic surgery

Anushka Sharma always denies making friends with the scalpel. But people don’t even need to look close at Anushka Sharma before and after plastic surgery photos to see the difference between her lips. It’s not hard to see that Anushka has more noticeable pout and larger lips than she got used to.

Anushka Sharma before and after lip job
Anushka Sharma before and after lip job

When Indian star appeared in a talk shop (Koffee with Karan show), it was most evident because her fuller lips were showcased for people to see. This show was watched by fans again and again and the rumour about Anushka Sharma lips surgery has been buzzing ever since.

According to sources, Anushka has had some work done. It could be lip augmentation such as collagen injection or lip filler.

What does Anushka Sharma say about her plastic surgery

Anushka Sharma says that she would never consider plastic surgeries to improve her looking. Some other stars support Anushka as she battles with all of the criticism she constantly gets.

Critics and people who admire Anushka’s acting talent resorted to addressing the issue of her plastic surgery on social media. Anushka agreed to dispute all of the statements that have been made about her new lips. An actress doesn’t like to discuss her personal life so she didn’t feel comfortable during the interview.

Anushka Sharma lips
Anushka Sharma lips

However, Anushka and her team deny the fact that she has never had any plastic surgery. They claim that she has been using only lip fillers, they also say that she has gotten a big experience in make-up so she is very skilled in it now to achieve the appearance of bigger lips.

Earlier Anushka posted a Tweet saying she didn’t have any kind of intrusive procedure on her lips. She said that puffed lips are a result of a simple temporary make-up. Sharma claims she needed it for acting in Bombay Velvet movie. Anushka got a role of Jazz Singer of 70s. Probably she thinks that people of 70s had big lips as she got.

Anushka Sharma in Bombay Velvet

How did plastic surgery influence Anushka Sharma’s career

Even though Anushka Sharma plastic surgery went wrong and both of her lips looked weird for quite some time, constant fans’ discussions and interviews have brought her even more fame. The attention of people and critics is very necessary for actresses’ career. In addition, the star has admitted that she enhanced the look of her lips to get a film role.

Anushka Sharma then and now
Anushka Sharma then and now

Anushka Sharma’s face surgery

Anushka’s new lips didn’t let her smile as she smiled before. Her lower lip looked disproportionately bigger than the upper one. That is what restricts her from smiling.

The before and after pictures of Anushka’s lip surgery show us that her face has returned back to normal after Anushka Sharma face surgery or whatever she has had. The upper lip doesn’t look bitten by bees anymore. But still, her lips are noticeably thicker than before lip injections she claims she has had. But don’t you think, that Anushka’s explanations don’t seem to answer our questions about changes that happened to her lips? Most likely it has been fat grafting because the effect is long-lasting.

Anushka Sharma after lip injection
Anushka Sharma after lip injection

Has Anushka Sharma chosen lip job or plastic surgery?

Lip job isn’t the same as plastic surgery medically named lip augmentation. It has nothing to do with it.

If Anushka Sharma has had a lip job, her lips would be injected with special fillers. So the actress would need to repeat the procedure every 12-24 months.

But fat grafting is a common procedure that involves injecting the patient’s own fat into lips. The fact is that there is a short-term absorption, and hence the lip is over filled to account for the loss. So this actually explains why Sharma’s lip was so puffy in the above-mentioned show.

See who else has done lip augmentation ⇒ “Why does Robin McGraw deny having plastic surgery?”

The final word about Anushka Sharma plastic surgery

Plenty has been said about Anushka’s lips. Now we know that her improved appearance was achieved through simple lip injections, not plastic surgery which produces a long-lasting effect. Lip injections cause the lips to swell up and become fuller but it doesn’t last for a long time.

Anushka Sharma smile
Anushka Sharma smile

Anushka Sharma’s lip injections made her look weird but her fans are sure she has much more to offer than enhanced facial features so they keep loving her even after the mistake she has made. Dedicated fans have brought her the huge net worth which is approximately $10 million now. Her source of income is her acting. And since beautiful actresses are in high demand in the entertainment industry, Anushka Sharma wouldn’t do anything stupid trying to enhance her natural beauty. In addition, it’s important to mention that Anushka said she doesn’t believe in making unnatural changes to the structure and shape of a body. That’s why it’s hardly believable that rumours about Anushka Sharma Botox are true. She wouldn’t use it in her 30s.

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