Did Anna Faris really undergo plastic surgery that much

Anna Faris has become one of the most recognized Hollywood actresses in a moment, thanks to her awesome personality and amazing looks. She is now 41 years old but she looks much better than most of the women her age. Good for us that Anna admits plastic surgery without any problem. She doesn’t try to hide she made friends with a scalpel. Faris said that she has had breast implantation, lip injections, Botox procedures, and some other cosmetic surgeries. It is her honesty that keeps her endearing to her fans. It seems nice to see somebody’s honesty since all Hollywood actresses and models always pretend to be natural when they are actually not. Fans are always fooled by the stars though they can clearly see some evident and sudden changes in their favorite celebrities. But Anna Faris simply makes her relation with plastic surgery clear. So this topic is about all of the procedures she has had. We will also have a chance to compare her natural look with the appearance she has now. That’s why we posted Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after photos.

Anna Faris plastic surgery rumours

Rumours about A. Faris plastic and cosmetic surgeries began to surface when actress started to appear different every year.

Anna Faris has been widely speculated to have many plastic surgeries and the actress admits it herself. Her fans and celebrity watchers believe she has had:

  • nose job (Rhinoplasty);
  • boob job (breasts implants and lifting);
  • brow lift;
  • different fillers;
  • lips augmentation;
  • facelift;
  • Botox injections and silicone.
Anna Faris plastic surgery rumours
Anna Faris plastic surgery rumours

A lot of celebrities desire to enhance their looks, despite their disposition which is better than average. And Anna Faris has been dogged with cosmetic surgeries rumours. Because plastic surgery is the only possible way for a woman of 41 y.o. to get sexier with each year.

Anna Faris and breast enhancement

There was no doubt that A. Faris has had a boob job since we can clearly see that her breasts were far smaller when she was younger. There were no boobs at all actually, an actress was simply flat. That is the reason why Anna decided to get breast implants. It was the right choice so boob job made her breasts look tighter and rounder than before. Now the actress looks sexy and feminine, all of her dresses sit well on her. Her new bra size is 32C.

Anna Faris before and after boob job
Anna Faris before and after the boob job

As Anna Faris said, the decision about getting breast implants came to her after breaking up with her first husband. It wasn’t connected to career – it was a divorce thing. After feeling down because of her marriage collapse, Anna had a decision to embrace being single.

Anna Faris and lip injections

Sometime after getting a boob job, Anna had a role in “Scary” movie and that’s when she admitted another plastic surgery. She has taken lips augmentation (lips injections). She claimed this procedure was needed for her career, and acting in “The House Bunny” film was a factor in her decision. The result of the filler isn’t too significant but Anna’s lips do look different than it used to.

Anna Faris before and after lip augmentation
Anna Faris before and after lip augmentation

Anna Faris lip injections were done well. And there was no overdose of this cosmetic surgery. However, now Anna Faris lips look a little bit fuller and sexier than earlier.

Did Anna Faris have the nose job?

People say that they noticed a gradual enhancement to Faris’s nose. They claim it looks significantly sharper by 2010 than in 2003.

We don’t know about all of the surgeries and other procedures Anna Faris has had in her life because actress never goes to details. But the one thing that can be said with confidence about her modifications is that she has never undergone a Rhinoplasty. Anna Faris has never modified her nose’s form or shape. She has to keep that “girl next door” kind of look to get more roles in movies.

Anna Faris before and after nose job
Anna Faris before and after nose job

At least we don’t see a sign of any plastic surgery on her nose. Maybe fans and top celebrity watchers are right. Perhaps due to peer pressure, Anna Faris decided to have mild rhinoplasty done very few years. It could be true since people feel there is something wrong with celebrities’ noses in Hollywood.

You’ll probably be interested in reading this article ⇒ “Did Emma Watson have the nose job?”

Did Anna Faris have the facelift?

The facelift is one of the most popular procedures for many veteran stars to undergo. It seems like Faris has made her decision to go in that direction as well since she is already 41. She is probably getting Botox injections as an anti-aging procedure to eliminate wrinkles and visible laugh lines. That’s what most celebrities of her age do. But nobody can actually prove it, so we can only presume if she does it or not.

Anna Faris facelift
Anna Faris facelift

However, at Comic-Con in 2013 and at the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 panel, Anna Faris showed us a face of filler injections to hold her cheeks up. What looked strange and weird is her smile. It allowed her cheeks to protrude out of her face.

was word about Anna Faris plastic surgery

We agree that Anna Faris indeed looks better now after all the surgery amendments. There are no wrinkles on her forehead, there are no lines in the eye corner or on cheeks. The only bad thing is that her brows look higher than where they used to be.

Anna Faris after plastic surgery
Anna Faris after plastic surgery

There were no overdose of any plastic surgery procedure. During the GQ Men of the YEar Celebration at 2007 Anna Faris was seen to have an unnatural smile and a much sharper nose. But those signs could be the result of clever makeup. Sure, if we pay attention to Anna Faris plastic surgery before after photos, we can see that she had more individuality than she has now. But we should also remember about her age. Anna Faris before plastic surgery does look more natural and nice but that’s because of her youth. And now it’s good for her career to prevent appearing the signs of age by using all of the possible methods.

Anna Faris is sensible enough not to go overboard with her plastic and cosmetic surgery choices. She might not look as provocative as other famous women but she keeps her looks fresh and natural.

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